Aug 302012

It seems that VMware released a new major version and they fixed, again, things addressed by the previous patches only there (asking so people to buy a new version again, in case of workstation). So all the previous patches are not needed for these anymore on newer kernel, except one little patch provided here. It seems to give issues on 3.5+ kernels after some changes to the exception tables.

Jun 042012

Seems this time vmware didn’t give problems, instead it was virtualbox.

It seems do_mmap was removed in this commit (and related ones)

causing this:

/tmp/vbox.0/r0drv/linux/memobj-r0drv-linux.c: In function ‘rtR0MemObjLinuxDoMmap’:
/tmp/vbox.0/r0drv/linux/memobj-r0drv-linux.c:1150:9: error: implicit declaration of function ‘do_mmap’
make[2]: *** [/tmp/vbox.0/r0drv/linux/memobj-r0drv-linux.o] Error 1

Adding this piece of code at the top of the file with the error (it can be found in /usr/share/virtualbox/src/vboxhost/vboxdrv/r0drv/linux/memobj-r0drv-linux.c) after the other if LINUX_VERSION_CODE block:

#define do_mmap vm_mmap

Unfortunately this isn’t enough due to this error appearing upon modprobe:

vboxdrv: Unknown symbol do_munmap (err 0)

It seems this symbol was unexported, so it’s equally not accessible.

To fix this the patch goes in the-linux-kernel.h file. This is what’s there:

#ifndef MY_DO_MUNMAP
# define MY_DO_MUNMAP(a,b,c) do_munmap(a, b, c)

changing it to this allows everything to work:

#ifndef MY_DO_MUNMAP
# define MY_DO_MUNMAP(a,b,c) vm_munmap(b, c)
# define MY_DO_MUNMAP(a,b,c) do_munmap(a, b, c)

Unfortunately it seems there is still some sort of deadlock and I don’t have much time to check what is it, even though the modules load correctly.

The only other weird issue I’m experiencing is that I needed to re-associate my bluetooth mouse all the time.


Apr 012012

NOTICE: This patch works fine with 3.5.0 and 3.6.0-rc1

UPDATE: kwasik updated the previous 7.1.x/3.1.x patch with the changes detailed here and made a new patch so if you are using that version of vmware you can grab it ready from here

Another version of the kernel another broken module…

This time it was something easier and with a short solution directly in the kernel documentation, but not much said about the reasons for the change (which was done 11 days ago) except that it fixed bugs caused by misuse.

Anyway d_alloc_rot was replaced with d_make_root as said here. So that’s practically the fix to apply to the sources in order to make vmblock build (even though vmware seems to start also with this module not running).

The patch should be easy to apply also for 7.1.x vmware modules (but I’m not providing a patch as I don’t have the sources anymore).

This is the procedure:

Open vmblock.tar and search for filesystem.c. Then there search for d_alloc_root(rootInode). That needs to be replaced with d_make_root(rootInode). This will make vmblock build successfully.

And here it is the easier way for 8.0.x/4.0.x users: vmware 8.0.2 fix for linux 3.4.0

Remember that if you apply the patch you’ve to always start with clean module sources from 8.0.2 release. Also be careful that vmware, when uninstalled, doesn’t clean entirely it’s modules folder, so remember to do so before reinstalling it.

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Apr 012012

UPDATE1: as noted in the comments, and as now I had the chance to test it, I’ve removed some useless includes from the patch

Seems the drivers broke again with 3.4.0-rc1. According to git logs it seems someone dissected the asm/system.h header in several subfiles 3 days ago (so cannot really blame nvidia for this as this was done when they were going home for the weekend) and probably will break several other off tree modules. Anyway the fix is simple. to keep compatibility you need to replace #include <asm/system.h> in nv-linux.h and conftest.h with these two snippets. Also I’ve done a new version of with the additional changes. To use that just do sudo ./ <nvidiainstaller file> [parameters if any]


#include <asm/system.h>

#include <linux/version.h>
#include <asm/system.h>

That’s all…

Jan 262012

NOTICE: It seems some people are trying this patch on 3.4 kernels shipped with fedora. *This is only for 3.3 maximum* if you want a patch for 3.4 you’ve to go to this post in this blog. I always do new posts when there are new kernels, I don’t update previous ones.

UPDATE 4: Seems there was another slight problem with the 7.x patch so I’ve fixed it by hand. As i had to edit the patch itself by hand I hope it’s still applying (coudn’t test it as I don’t have the sources). So if you have downloaded the 7.1.5 (3.15) patch before now please download it again and patch from a clean file, else add a linux/pci.h as include in that line giving error and put the define at new line.

UPDATE 3: I’ve fixed a slight issue in the patch for 7.1.x which could prevent it from working on not fedora kernels (so with the normal numbering of vanilla kernels)

UPDATE 2: Thanks to Ariel, who backported this patch for 7.1.x, I’ve added here a patch to bring these fixes to the previous release series of the vmware player and workstation. The script uses the .5 versions (the last released) but you can change it for previous versions too (for sure for .4, as the kernel modules sources didn’t change)

UPDATE: Looks like a patch which I did previously for 3.2 wasn’t needed anymore for 3.3 (seems to be a 3.2 specific problem) and so I didn’t include it as I’m just running 3.3-rc1. Now I’ve included it again and updated the archive so if you’ve downloaded it and had problems you can get a proper version now.

Looks like VMware upgraded their virtualization solution and fixed some issues of their modules, but not all. So some patches which were already in the previous patch are still needed. I don’t know if this lack of support for recent linux kernel (even released as stable since more than half a month and that some distributions are starting to send to users) is, as the user who notified me of the new release of VMware said, done on purpose. In any case nothing changes so I’ve made a simple package with the only patch still needed on vmnet to make it work on the linux kernel 3.2 and 3.3.

NOTE: If you had used a patch in the past (using the patching script) the installer of VMware workstation/player won’t remove the file which tells the script that the sources are not patched, so, In case you get an error saying that your sources are already patched, remove the file /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source/.patched . This will tell the script that the sources are actually not patched. Another solution is restoring the backup before the upgrade.

You can grab the patch here:

vmware workstation 8.0.2 / player 4.0.2 fix for linux 3.2+

vmware workstation 7.1.5 / player 3.1.5 fix for linux 3.2+ (patch by Ariel)

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Jan 202012

UPDATE: I’ve added a simple bash script which does the first way. Just pass to it the installer name and the arguments you would pass normally. For example in my case I would just do ./ ./ -K –kernel-name=3.3.0-rc1-custom or if you are doing a full install in the current kernel you would just do ./ ./ (rember as root). Enjoy.

Looks like a file, which is needed during the configuration test of the nvidia drivers installer, got moved (and autogenerated see So it’s position is not the same as before, and this breaks the checks showing the classic dialog:

If you are using a Linux 2.4 kernel, please make sure
you either have configured kernel sources matching your
kernel or the correct set of kernel headers installed
on your system.

If you are using a Linux 2.6 kernel, please make sure
you have configured kernel sources matching your kernel
installed on your system. If you specified a separate
output directory using either the “KBUILD_OUTPUT” or
the “O” KBUILD parameter, make sure to specify this
directory with the SYSOUT environment variable or with
the equivalent nvidia-installer command line option.

Depending on where and how the kernel sources (or the
kernel headers) were installed, you may need to specify
their location with the SYSSRC environment variable or
the equivalent nvidia-installer command line option.

There are two ways this can be fixed:

The first way is fixing the nvidia installer side.

Extract the nvidia installer package with -x as argument passed to the sh package then go in the folder it was extracted to (should be /tmp)

Then go to the kernel sub folder and open the search for

CFLAGS=”$CFLAGS -I$SOURCES/arch/x86/include”  and replace it with CFLAGS=”$CFLAGS -I$SOURCES/arch/x86/include -I$SOURCES/arch/x86/include/generated”

this way the files needed for the conftest will be included and it will succeed.

You can use this script to get it done easily. It will cleanup after running the installer so it will look like a normal install.

The second way is hacking a bit the include folders

Go in /lib/modules/<kernelname>/source/arch/x86/include/ and do cp generated/asm/unistd*.h ./asm/

This will copy the required files where they were expected and all will go well.

Enjoy the new kernel with your nvidia drivers!

On a side note this time there are no more patches required for vmware over the ones for 3.2.

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Nov 092011

UPDATE3: If you are looking for patches for 8.0.2+ and 4.0.2+ you might have a look at this post instead as VMware did several changes to their module sources

UPDATE2: I’ve changed the patch to support the weird versioning in the fedora kernels.

UPDATE: I’ve added in the list of supported versions 8.0.1 and 4.0.1 for vmware player, so the script will run with no modifications but remember that when vmware releases a new minor most probably changing the version at the top of the script (or applying the patch manually) will work fine.

New kernel version new issues.

This time can’t blame vmware a lot as some changes were a bit unannounced but I’m not expecting a fix for a long while even after the final release of 3.2.

Anyway this time it was a bit weird iommu api change which changed the iommu_found() to iommu_present(..) with an argument which is a global constant (that’s why it’s weird, maybe the point is making a transition to something more flexible in the future) and the same thing, but without name change, for iommu_domain_alloc(). As a side note this little change can fix also virtualbox builds, which are broken too for the same exact reason. I’m sure they will fix it soon themselves so there is no need of a specific patch, but you could just copy this piece near the top of the file failing to build to fix it:

#include <linux/pci.h>
#define iommu_found() iommu_present(&pci_bus_type)
#define iommu_domain_alloc() iommu_domain_alloc(&pci_bus_type)

The others, instead are specific only to vmware modules: still the network one from the 3.1 patch, some change to the placement of macros for modules, a removed entry in the net device struct and finally something which was described, by who did the change to the kernel, as a way to force people to use an api to access some data (instead of direct access).

You can find the package with the patch and the classic script attached to this post.

For 3.x/7.5.x users probably the patch is similar (provided the 2.6.39 one is applied) but I don’t have the sources right now to compare.

A last remind: you need to apply this to clean sources, so not to patched sources with the linux 3.1 fix (else just remove the part which was patched in 3.1 from this patch).


vmware workstation 8 / player 4 linux 3.2 fix

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Oct 202011

This year was the first year we’ve been in GSOC and it was a great experience. Even if there were some little negative episodes, we had many positives ones too that we didn’t expect. But i’ll probably leave that for another post. Instead I’d like to say that PlaneShift will be at the mentor summit and I’m looking forward to meet the other mentors from all over the globe!

Oct 032011

As we are approaching a new release (and as I took over a release blocking bug left from a student which had been hindering the client for two months) I’m making again builds to test.

They are available for all the platforms and they are drop-in addition to the standard client, the only things needed are these files which must be placed (or overwritten) in the data/gui folder:

  • chat.xml and chat_basic.xml
  • styles.xml
  • musicwindow.xml
  • configchattabs.xml
  • optionally: bookwriting.xml, configwindow.xml, configspellchecker.xml, configentitylabels.xml

you can find them here:

As for the meet the devs events here are the logs of the 18 September 2011 and 2 October 2011:

18 september:

dom 18-set-2011 22:00:58 Weltall
(22:00:58) Weltall dice: hi, if anyone has question please form a line
(22:01:48) Drenkjudi dice: hi i need in
(22:02:27) Weltall dice: no one?
(22:02:49) Miomai dice: Maybe this Dr Jack here?
(22:03:01) Weltall dice: the line should be in front of me
(22:03:07) Weltall dice: drjack is a developer
(22:03:13) Drjack smiles
(22:03:15) Weltall dice: setting
(22:03:15) Miomai dice: Oh, haha.
(22:03:37) Weltall dice: so you can blame him and talad for that *grins
(22:03:45) Drenkjudi dice: i Talad comeing?
(22:03:52) Drenkjudi dice: is*
(22:03:52) Weltall dice: maybe
(22:04:00) Karzela smiles
(22:04:10) Drenkjudi dice: btw this is Drunkjedi
(22:04:11) Weltall dice: anyway if there is no one with questions we could do the fastest one
(22:04:24) Karzela dice: New ingame chair, Miomai?
(22:04:39) Miomai dice: Uhm…no.
(22:04:54) Miomai dice: This is my OLD in-game chair!
(22:05:05) Tuux dice: thanks sarva
(22:05:08) Henik dice: People still coming
(22:06:05) Dramborleg dice: Okay a couple questions.
(22:06:06) Talad dice: can we please remove those stands?
(22:06:18) Talad dice: I removed it the last time, but someone added those back
(22:06:21) Weltall dice: sure what is it?
(22:06:29) Weltall dice: ah you where the guilty one
(22:06:31) Talad dice: hey guys wait a second
(22:06:37) Weltall dice: they are setting items this isn’t the way to remove things
(22:06:38) Talad dice: we should start when the devs are in
(22:06:53) Dramborleg dice: First the biggy everyone is talking about anti-magic progress?
(22:07:10) Dramborleg dice: Sorry.
(22:07:35) Talad dice: with those 2/3 stands there is not much space
(22:07:46) Drenkjudi dice: have you look at the lighting yet?
(22:07:49) Weltall dice: again removed t hose talad you are giving me troubles with this
(22:07:54) Weltall dice: this isn’t the way to remove them!
(22:08:54) Talad dice: ok, I think we have everyone
(22:08:58) Kisoji dice: So… How does this work?
(22:09:03) Kisoji dice: Do we just ask questions?
(22:09:17) Weltall dice: go behind Dramborleg he’s first
(22:09:25) Talad dice: best way is to form a short queue
(22:09:32) Talad dice: and first one asks the question
(22:09:45) Talad dice: so the discussion is simpler
(22:10:05) Talad dice: sarva did you ping players in game about the event?
(22:10:24) Sarva dice: Yes starting a half hour ago Talad
(22:10:39) Talad dice: anyway Dramborleg you can continue
(22:10:50) Talad dice: all devs are here now
(22:11:25) Dramborleg dice: Ah, hum.. Okay. Was wondering about progress on anti-magic and armor crafting?
(22:14:30) Talad dice: hi Kisoji , what’s your question?
(22:14:33) Waemaiy dice: Ahh, much better. Sitting ON the bench now
(22:14:42) Kisoji dice: My question?
(22:15:00) Talad dice: yes, do you have any question to ask ?
(22:15:06) Weltall dice: no one answered the previous
(22:15:15) Arcoo dice: Indeed
(22:15:18) Talad dice: about the game, the development, the future steps, or anything you like
(22:15:27) Kisoji dice: I was waiting for the other question to be answered, but I’ll just go ahead.
(22:15:51) Talad dice: I think I missed that then
(22:16:12) Talad dice: go ahead, and I will read back and answer the other just next
(22:16:50) Kisoji dice: I was wondering what you guys as the dev team had in mind for the balance of the combat system. Also, I’d like to know if you had any plans or even the desire to replenish the playerbase of the game.
(22:17:53) Talad dice: about the combat system we have made already many adjustments
(22:18:03) Talad dice: but the major problem is the intelligence of the NPCs
(22:18:13) Talad dice: they are not very challenging atm
(22:18:43) Talad dice: like they are easily stuck or sneaked
(22:19:10) Talad dice: are there any part of balancing you think we should focus on?
(22:19:43) Mekora raises his hand… “Armor.”
(22:20:06) Gilrond raises his hand too: Skill progression balancing
(22:20:09) Kisoji dice: I think armor should be nerfed or magic should be toned down
(22:20:14) Kisoji dice: or both
(22:20:43) Talad dice: mmm.. ok
(22:20:52) Talad dice: any particular armor, or armor in general?
(22:20:58) Kisoji dice: When I first came to the game, everything was much simpler.
(22:21:16) Dramborleg adds the possibility of weapon skills. Like shield bash or rush would make shields more attractive.
(22:21:19) Talad dice: basically you are saying that with a good armor on it’s very hard to do damage
(22:21:20) Tuux dice: clearly at tim magic is to powerfull and have no game play
(22:21:21) Gilrond dice: HA needs to have disatvantages. Now it’s superior in all aspects.
(22:21:34) Kisoji dice: The only qualm people seemed to have was with the unbalanced nature of Brown Way.
(22:21:49) Talad dice: HA should be heavier and hinder agiity today
(22:21:56) Gilrond dice: Right
(22:22:01) Talad dice: we can check if it’s needed to raise that value
(22:22:06) Gilrond dice: It should slow down atacks
(22:22:06) Talad dice: but there is that already in place
(22:22:11) Talad dice: maybe the value is just too low
(22:22:37) Gilrond dice: I.e. you can’t be as swift in HA the same way as in MA or LA
(22:22:45) Talad dice: one thing we can do is to test a new value on ezpc and you can test it
(22:22:58) Talad dice: for us changing the value is pretty easy
(22:23:02) Tuux dice: for reaply about Brown Way, the majority of Brown way spell is not implemented, like blue way
(22:23:07) Talad dice: testing is not, because it requires many cases and time
(22:23:22) Kisoji dice: I was trying to reference the time when I joined the game.
(22:24:08) Kisoji dice: At any rate, the point is that in terms of gameplay, there are skills that are so clearly advantageous despite whatever drawbacks that other skills within the same group are undesirable.
(22:24:38) Qed dice: an example?
(22:24:40) Gilrond nods
(22:24:50) Kisoji dice: Heavy Armor’s protective quality heavily offsets whatever advantages MA and LA have over it.
(22:25:09) Gilrond dice: HA needs to make you slower.
(22:25:16) Qed nods
(22:25:22) Kisoji dice: FIshing and cooking are not as lucrative as Crafting
(22:25:39) Vaneal dice: I do not think it should slow you if you have to have 200 str just to equip it and you can train str up to 400
(22:25:59) Waemaiy dice: Fishing and cooking are less lucrative as crafting in RL too
(22:26:04) Gilrond dice: It should burden you more, despite the strength.
(22:26:10) Miomai dice: Another combat example would be daggers versus sabres. Daggers should be faster, and also more effective when in very close.
(22:26:15) Dramborleg raises hand ” And the idea of wielding two claymores at once.
(22:26:22) Kisoji dice: Right, and Plate Armor has always proven superior RL
(22:26:30) Kisoji dice: The point is that this is a game.
(22:26:31) Talad dice: my suggestion is to keep the discussion on one topic at a time
(22:26:43) Talad dice: which is balancing of armor atm
(22:26:51) Kisoji dice: Realism is desirable to a degree.
(22:26:55) Mekora dice: Also, HA just feels ridiculously strong compared to LA and MA.I agree.
(22:27:06) Dramborleg dice: is.
(22:27:11) Mekora dice: Whoops
(22:27:43) Gilrond dice: Also. Shields are still bugged.
(22:28:23) Talad dice: I will take a note to check the HA values
(22:28:30) Talad dice: and see if we can raise the hindrance on agility
(22:28:34) Talad dice: to make it more balanced
(22:28:46) Talad dice: we can probably activate the change on ezpc
(22:28:54) Talad dice: or even on this server for one day or two
(22:28:57) Talad dice: and ask for testing
(22:29:05) Kisoji dice: We can do that.
(22:29:06) Dramborleg dice: Technicly plate is a composit of plate chain and padding. Hindrance is it’s..hindrance.
(22:29:18) Miomai dice: Do these changes require a restart of the server?
(22:29:30) Talad dice: yes Miomai
(22:29:45) Talad dice: unless someone codes reload of those
(22:29:51) Talad dice: which should not be too hard anyway :)
(22:30:05) Talad dice: ok, Kisoji we will move to the next (actually previous) question
(22:30:16) Miomai dice: Yes, I think that might be useful, because then we could actively work together to see how the changes balance out.
(22:30:21) Talad dice: if you want to discuss other things, just go back to the queue
(22:30:50) Qed dice: what about developing LA an MA rather than reducing HA?
(22:31:09) Gilrond dice: Each armor should hinder agility in some way
(22:31:26) Talad dice: ok, let me scroll back
(22:31:30) Talad dice: and read the previous question
(22:31:57) Talad dice: anti-magic and armor crafting.
(22:32:20) Talad dice: both are not in our short list
(22:32:33) Talad dice: also we are pretty low on people on rules atm
(22:32:43) Talad dice: Stelanso who was the main dev went MIA after the summer
(22:33:05) Talad dice: so we need to find someone in rules before things move again smoothly there
(22:33:28) Gilrond dice: So no rules will be changed in short term?
(22:34:20) Dramborleg dice: The Carnegy Melon website has a program called alice teaching coding wonder if they would be interested in planeshift. Is non-profit.
(22:34:51) Dramborleg dice: Sorry off topic.
(22:34:51) Talad dice: :)
(22:34:56) Mekora dice: Perhaps anti-magic could be a high priority as it seems quite vital to fairness in magic and RP imo.
(22:34:56) Talad dice: not sure
(22:35:08) Talad dice: we have saving throws
(22:35:15) Gilrond nods: antimagic is good for balancing.
(22:35:25) Talad dice: meaning resistance to magic based on your stats
(22:35:32) Talad dice: many spells have that implemented
(22:35:45) Gilrond dice: No, more like negating spells.
(22:35:46) Kisoji dice: Not enough to make a difference
(22:35:50) Talad dice: anti magic is different
(22:36:07) Talad dice: it’s a skill or magical property
(22:36:07) Mekora dice: I don’t think antimagic should be powerful, but certainly helps making things fair.
(22:36:12) Talad dice: kran should have it by nature
(22:36:22) Vaneal dice: Kisoji if you train in a way you become very risistant to that way, but you don’t like training any magic.
(22:36:52) Talad dice: Dramborleg you think the spells hit too easily?
(22:37:08) Talad dice: we can also check the saving throws again
(22:37:10) Kisoji dice: Vaneal, the guild I’m in has max mages that would still prefer to use magic to kill than weapons
(22:37:18) Talad dice: Tuux can you do that?
(22:37:22) Kisoji dice: even though they may be maxed in 2 or 3 ways
(22:37:25) Dramborleg dice: is a bit skewed not much defense against them.
(22:37:36) Gilrond dice: That’s natural. Magic bypasses normal armor.
(22:37:58) Tuux dice: Talad i can do all we ask for :), but i have a personal view about it
(22:38:05) Gilrond dice: That’s why you need magic defense spells
(22:38:07) Dramborleg dice: Well some would be armor breeching while some not.
(22:38:13) Gilrond dice: I.e. defense against magic
(22:38:16) Gilrond dice: So far there are none
(22:38:24) Talad dice: Tuux : are you aware of the current saving throws?
(22:38:48) Tuux dice: for me Anti Magic is for Mage killer, who reject All Magic way, for me Anti Magic must resist to all magic source
(22:38:49) Dramborleg dice: A bit confused on that front.
(22:39:07) Gilrond dice: I.e. all current defense spells are against physical attacks
(22:39:12) Weltall dice: and disallow magic casting
(22:39:20) Gilrond dice: There are are no defense spells against magic now
(22:39:37) Gilrond dice: That’s unblanced
(22:39:46) Mekora dice: If anti magic were as strong as armor, it would be OP imo. But there has to be something that can make mages and warriors even.
(22:39:55) Dramborleg dice: For instance a flamespire would defend against say freeze.
(22:39:59) Vaneal dice: this is an anti magic buff
(22:40:01) Gilrond dice: Yep
(22:40:14) Gilrond agrees with Dramborleg
(22:40:22) Kisoji dice: Mekora, what you’re thinking of exists
(22:40:25) Talad dice: ok, I think we shold move to the next question
(22:40:25) Kisoji dice: its called distance
(22:40:34) Kisoji dice: We need situational balance
(22:40:37) Talad dice: we agreed to review HA maluses and review spells saves
(22:40:49) Tuux dice: Vaneal i just speack about AntiMagic skill not magic buff
(22:40:59) Tuux dice: *speak
(22:41:01) Kisoji dice: [afk galley]
(22:41:07) Mekora dice: Alright Kisoji.
(22:41:28) Talad dice: Vaneal : you shoud leave the stand
(22:41:59) Talad dice: leaving space for the next person/question
(22:42:02) Vaneal dice: I never asked a question but so be it i’m gone
(22:42:03) Dramborleg dice: sorry must excuse me have a guild promotion to celebrate.
(22:42:16) Talad dice: hi Gilrond
(22:42:18) Gilrond dice: Hello
(22:42:32) Gilrond dice: I have a couple of questions, but let’s start with one
(22:42:35) Talad dice: we have art and engine people as well here.
(22:42:46) Gilrond dice: Can you do something about the skills progression balancing?
(22:43:02) Drenkjudi dice: speaking of can i have my name changed back to drunkjedi
(22:43:04) Gilrond dice: I know it’s more a question to the rules team, but still.
(22:43:12) Mekora dice: Can you expand on this topic?
(22:43:17) Gilrond dice: See the bug #5170
(22:43:26) Gilrond dice: It reviews the subject at length
(22:43:29) Talad dice: Weltall can you take this one maybe?
(22:43:41) Gilrond dice: In short it means that you get progressive training
(22:43:56) Gilrond dice: I.e. you get more practice points for doing more advanced stuff
(22:44:15) Weltall dice: it’s rules it has nothing to do with engine the tools are there
(22:44:16) Gilrond dice: Right now you get 1 practice point for doing anything
(22:44:29) Gilrond dice: Yes, it’s the subject of rules.
(22:44:34) Weltall dice: if you fill a table with 1 you get 1
(22:44:47) Mordaan dice: heh
(22:45:04) Gilrond dice: Review #5170 when you have the time
(22:45:08) Gilrond dice: It explains the idea
(22:45:10) Voron dice: The point is that there is nobody to deal with that stuff at the moment, if I see it correctly
(22:45:32) Mordaan dice: Problem is, who is doing rules these days? Just Stelanso?
(22:45:38) Weltall dice: traning in combat is also handled in scripting so again not in engine field
(22:46:01) Talad dice: if none is available usually is me
(22:46:14) Talad dice: we had bonifarzia interested in rules
(22:46:29) Talad dice: I can contact boni on this
(22:46:35) Talad dice: and see if we can proceed
(22:46:45) Gilrond dice: For example for hammering a dagger blade you get 1 point, for hammering a short sword blade 1.1. and so on
(22:46:47) Mordaan dice: Sounds good.
(22:46:54) Talad dice: I read now the ticket, it makes sense, but at the same time should not be too easy
(22:46:55) Gilrond dice: So you train more on doing more complex things.
(22:47:01) Weltall dice: more like 2 it’s an integer
(22:47:04) Gilrond dice: Same applies for spells and other skills
(22:47:08) Mordaan dice: Right, more complex tasks should yield more practice.
(22:47:14) Gilrond dice: 2 will be too big of a difference IMO
(22:47:14) Talad dice: finding the right balance should be simulated with a formula that includes the time needed for the player to do those actions
(22:47:20) Gilrond dice: At least with the current scheme
(22:47:43) Talad dice: I agree with the principle
(22:47:44) Gilrond dice: Time is not always the case
(22:47:48) Gilrond nods
(22:48:16) Weltall dice: switching to floats don’t seem a good idea to me for something being handled several times per second per player
(22:48:38) Gilrond dice: Then you need to change advancing logic
(22:48:48) Gilrond dice: Making 1 to 2 jump is too drastic
(22:48:57) Talad dice: I think we have no math limitation on current processors
(22:48:57) Gilrond dice: twice as fast to train?
(22:49:05) Talad dice: it’s billions of operations
(22:49:08) Weltall dice: not really when you’ve to do with 10000 points
(22:49:54) Talad dice: ok, Gilrond , did that answer your question?
(22:49:56) Qed dice: might be scaled on experience rather than PP, for the float/int issue
(22:49:58) Mekora dice: 1.5 maybe?
(22:49:58) Weltall dice: the server uses enough cpu
(22:50:09) Gilrond dice: So you’ll think about it?
(22:50:36) Gilrond dice: Or you need to get some rules dev on first?
(22:50:47) Talad dice: I will list it as sometehing to look at
(22:50:54) Gilrond dice: Thanks
(22:50:55) Talad dice: I need to recruit someone for rules first
(22:51:17) Gilrond dice: Alright, I’ll go back for another question
(22:51:30) Mekora dice: Hey everyone.
(22:51:35) Weltall dice: moving the dot anyway doesn’t change the time and avoids using floating points
(22:51:48) Talad dice: hi Mekora
(22:51:52) Mordaan chuckles at Tuux
(22:51:52) Gilrond agrees with Weltall
(22:52:01) Mekora dice: I have a quick question then I need to go.
(22:52:56) Mekora dice: Are there any plans to have another GH auction? I was thinking that having one on a more consistent basis could be nice. Perhaps 2 houses sold every year? Something like this.
(22:53:30) Talad dice: mmmm
(22:53:36) Talad dice: Sarva ?
(22:53:38) Mekora dice: I also understand though that it could slow down the server and is hard work to do
(22:53:50) Talad dice: I think the GM team can decide on this
(22:54:00) Talad dice: the frequency to me can be changed
(22:54:06) Weltall dice: well the doors will end sooner or later
(22:54:09) Talad dice: without making it every week :)
(22:54:28) Sarva dice: Right now no plans for a guild house auction. I think after we get thigns settled with changing the houses in Oja and Gug to the new maps then we can start looking at anotehr auction.
(22:54:29) Miomai dice: How about monthly?
(22:54:48) Mekora dice: Monthly would be hard on the devs I could imagine.
(22:54:49) Weltall dice: monthly seems too much to me
(22:54:58) Talad dice: Sarva : can you give an estimate of the date?
(22:55:11) Weltall dice: it means 12 houses a year we don’t have enough doors
(22:55:26) Weltall dice: and would devaluate them
(22:55:30) Miomai dice: It seems guild houses are in extremely high demand.
(22:55:39) Mekora dice: 1 house every 6 months or 5 months would seem ideal to me.
(22:55:40) Sarva dice: That is another issue with lots of the houses assigned to NPCs we have limited houses to auction
(22:55:50) Miomai dice: I’ve never seen a guild auction in almost a year of playing.
(22:56:03) Weltall dice: it happened in less than a year
(22:56:08) Weltall dice: so you must have missed it 😛
(22:56:10) Talad dice: ok, let’s take the action to make it regular
(22:56:18) Talad dice: we will decide on the rhythm internally
(22:56:21) Talad dice: and let you know
(22:56:23) Mekora dice: Thanks Talad :)
(22:56:29) Sarva dice: I would like to make a proposal that might encourage smaler guilds that aren’t very active currently that might encourage them to turn in their houses for a cut of the trias that coem in when the house gets re-auctioned
(22:56:29) Talad dice: I think it’s a good idea to have a fixed rhythm for some time
(22:56:47) Miomai dice: Great idea Sarva!
(22:56:59) Gilrond dice: Another crafting question. How is leatherworking progressing?
(22:57:03) Sarva dice: It would help is we coudl recycle the houses that currently aren’t getting much use.
(22:57:11) Talad dice: we should have some NPCs leave in different floors of the same house
(22:57:12) Mishka dice: Leatherworking xD
(22:57:14) Weltall dice: join #planeshift-sw and ask
(22:57:36) Mekora dice: Many of the guilds like my alts for instance w/ The Organisation’s don’t have the leader active.
(22:57:49) Gilrond dice: OK, then a relted thing – can you please add leather armor parts to the NPCs merchants?
(22:57:55) Talad dice: Gilrond : one question per person please :)
(22:58:08) Gilrond dice: That’s really part of the question I’m leading to
(22:58:09) Talad dice: unless we have no more questions
(22:58:12) Cruse dice: there is a LA merchant
(22:58:19) Mekora dice: Bye now.
(22:58:31) Gilrond dice: What I mean is, since leatherworking is not available now you can’t craft leather parts
(22:58:35) Mordaan dice: Parts, not full armor.
(22:58:38) Gilrond dice: Such as shield handles and helm parts
(22:58:50) Gilrond dice: Shield handles you can buy, but not helm parts
(22:59:03) Gilrond dice: For example mercenary helms
(22:59:13) Gilrond dice: They are needed to make brigandine
(22:59:22) Gilrond dice: But you can’t get leather parts to make merc helms
(22:59:24) Mishka dice: You want leather dige and leather cheekplates to be sold.
(22:59:28) Mishka dice: ridge*
(22:59:29) Gilrond dice: Yes
(23:00:00) Gilrond dice: Can you add leather parts to NPCs until it’s implemented?
(23:00:14) Gilrond dice: It shouldn’t be too hard.
(23:01:06) Talad dice: I will check with the skunkwork group
(23:01:21) Talad dice: was a community driven effort
(23:01:28) Talad dice: but seems it didn’t make any progress
(23:01:32) Mishka dice: Good luck with that.
(23:01:35) Gilrond dice: But can you add those until they are done?
(23:01:40) Gilrond dice: They might take ages to finish
(23:01:51) Talad dice: we should probably make the information on how to add crafting public on the pswiki
(23:01:52) Gilrond dice: At least more helms will be craftable
(23:02:05) Mishka dice: If the choice to add some leather parts to merchant NPCs is up to the SW team the answer is a yes.
(23:02:06) Talad dice: I asked skunkwork to work on the wiki
(23:02:37) Weltall dice: personally i prefer more definitive results than half backed patches
(23:02:42) Talad dice: Mishka : not just that, SW was working on the full leather crafting
(23:02:56) Gilrond dice: Better to have soem retults than nothing Weltall.
(23:03:00) Talad dice: but I didn’t see progress
(23:03:07) Gilrond dice: Nothing is nothing.
(23:03:08) Mishka dice: Yes, that’s it. We’ve been ALWAYs trying to get *some* parts to be sold in game.
(23:03:13) Weltall dice: it’s essentially trashed time two times
(23:03:16) Voron dice: How could they make progress if Stelanso isn’t there
(23:03:18) Kisoji dice: Might I make a random suggestion that I wanted to make earlier?
(23:03:34) Talad dice: Voron : they have an xls file to fill out
(23:03:41) Gilrond dice: How hard is to and an item to NPCs?
(23:03:45) Talad dice: thre is no need to have access to the game db
(23:03:47) Mishka dice: Minks is working on it and we have made progress.
(23:03:57) Talad dice: ok, that’s good to hear Mishka
(23:04:00) Voron dice: I know Talad, but if you need to check back with a rules dev and there is none…
(23:04:05) Talad dice: is there a way you can push finalization of it?
(23:04:06) Weltall dice: it needs tob be added to a server then it needs to be manually pushed without full reload
(23:04:08) Mishka dice: And yes, we need Stelanso who is currently missing a bit.
(23:04:09) Gilrond dice: Should be much easier than making leatherworking.
(23:04:53) Weltall dice: also proper npc need to be identified to keep the items and finally they will have to be removed too
(23:04:56) Mishka dice: What I am trying to tell you, Talad, is that while we can’t craft those parts, it would be a great, moreso, an AWESOME idea, if the NPC merchants could sell leather helm parts.
(23:05:09) Gilrond dice: Anyhow, the solution is already half baked. You get leather shield handles from NPCs.
(23:05:31) Gilrond nods to Mishka
(23:05:51) Weltall dice: differently than shields those helms can be obtained in other ways
(23:06:03) Talad dice: Mishka : but can players then craft the helm somehow?
(23:06:08) Gilrond dice: Yes, almost impossibly though
(23:06:15) Gilrond dice: Loot from onyx daggers?
(23:06:18) Gilrond dice: Try that.
(23:06:18) Mishka dice: It says how to in “Helms of Darmeth”
(23:06:21) Weltall dice: ?
(23:06:24) Weltall dice: from quest
(23:06:27) Mishka dice: Oh yes
(23:06:29) Gilrond dice: I mean merc helms
(23:06:38) Gilrond dice: I never got one
(23:06:40) Mishka dice: Create a legion of alts to do the quest over and over and over
(23:06:41) Gilrond dice: After may attempts
(23:06:52) Gilrond dice: That’s unreasonable way
(23:06:55) Mishka dice: Running to Bronze Doors for hours. That’s not a good game experience.
(23:06:59) Qed nods
(23:07:14) Weltall dice: because smithing for hours is a good game experience 😛
(23:07:20) Gilrond dice: Why should the game encourage alt making
(23:07:24) Miomai stifles a laugh.
(23:07:30) Talad dice: guys, this is not a tavern :)
(23:07:38) Mishka dice: That’s why I only do it as a recreational experience 😛
(23:07:40) Weltall dice: how the magic ways are being developed is encouraging alt making 😛
(23:07:47) Talad dice: I like the discussion, but will be best to keep it as question and answers
(23:07:52) Talad dice: also we have reached the top of the hour
(23:07:56) Gilrond dice: My point is simple – it’s not hard to add those parts to NPC merchants
(23:08:01) Gilrond dice: I don’t see any reason not to
(23:08:12) Mishka dice: Agreed.
(23:08:29) Talad dice: I’m ok to add the parts if players can make something with those
(23:08:38) Gilrond dice: Yes, players can.
(23:08:44) Gilrond dice: I filed a bug about it
(23:08:57) Mishka dice: Let me look for the bit saying you can make mercenary helms
(23:08:57) Talad dice: do you recall the bug number?
(23:09:20) Gilrond dice: It’s #5384
(23:09:43) Mordaan dice: It was a problem with coordination…the Helms of Darmeth was added but not all the items were available in game. So you have instructions for some things you can’t make.
(23:09:52) Mishka dice: *skims through book* Here, found it. Comgine 2 Leather Cheekplates, Leather Ridge, into Mercenary Helm Kit.
(23:09:52) Sarva dice: In the helm making book it does mention the parts you need to make a merc helm.
(23:09:58) Gilrond dice: Yes
(23:10:03) Talad dice: ok, I will note that down
(23:10:07) Mishka dice: combine*
(23:10:16) Gilrond dice: Great, thanks Talad.
(23:11:18) Talad dice: ok, thanks everyone for participating
(23:11:21) Talad dice: see you in two weeks
(23:11:24) Talad dice: have fun in game.
(23:11:29) Gilrond dice: Thanks you
(23:11:35) Miomai dice: WOO FUN!
(23:11:35) Gilrond dice: Thank*
(23:11:36) Tuux dice: thanks all


2 october 2011

dom 02-ott-2011 18:03:43 Weltall
(18:03:43) Weltall dice: ok we can start soon please form a line as always behind the stand if you want to ask a question
(18:04:09) Dermathil dice: [I hope more people show up]
(18:04:14) Dermathil dice: [xD]
(18:04:29) Zarre dice: It’s OOC of here, Dermathil. Shocking isn’t it? :)
(18:04:31) Henik dice: More from my guild are coming
(18:04:31) Soloyos dice: Dovoy All
(18:04:34) Dermathil dice: hahahaah
(18:04:42) Dermathil dice: just gotta need to getting used to
(18:05:03) Zarre grins “Totally agree”
(18:05:14) Dermathil dice: especially after a full year away from PS
(18:05:34) Kaerli dice: [OOC main tab atm?]
(18:05:38) Weltall dice: as the head client is again usable i’m starting again doing my builds. it would be nice if people tried them on my site
(18:05:38) Dermathil dice: eeeyup
(18:05:59) Weltall dice: so a release is possible and we have no testers in case
(18:06:39) Kaerli dice: yeah, I’m in the awkward situation where my dev box can’t run PS and my parents seriously frown on me doing dev/test stuff on the family PC aka the gaming box
(18:06:44) Soloyos dice: Hey Darege
(18:06:58) Weltall dice: it’s static builds they don’t need any build experience
(18:06:58) Kaerli dice: (I probably should get a tower for dev work, heh)
(18:07:13) Weltall dice: just being able to drop files around in a folder
(18:07:14) Kaerli dice: Weltall: it’s more the uncertainty/”fiddling with the PC” factor
(18:07:56) Henik dice: How would I get to them to download and test ?
(18:08:09) Weltall dice: on my site it’s linked in the forum
(18:08:33) Henik dice: Thanks, what label to look for ?
(18:08:39) Weltall dice: anyway if someone has a question please form the classic queue.
(18:08:42) Weltall dice: my account
(18:08:51) Henik dice: Ok, Thanks
(18:09:33) Zarre dice: Are the binding stones I see on the podium ingame yet?
(18:10:10) Weltall dice: hum those are just “nicely looking textures” as far as now
(18:10:11) Soloyos dice: Could always get a diamond engraved to be like that 😀
(18:10:43) Kaerli dice: I take it the binding stones are part of the future plans for crafted enchanted weapons?
(18:10:48) Henik dice: Weltall can your new client , as is run currently on a Mac ?
(18:11:26) Henik dice: Ouch, sorry
(18:11:31) Weltall dice: the plan for now is using additional items during crafting in order to obtain additional effects (essentially loot modifiers)
(18:11:45) Dermathil dice: Coooooolio
(18:11:53) Weltall dice: i do mac builds if that was the question
(18:12:03) Kaerli dice: ah. that’s the kind of thing I was thinking of :)
(18:12:12) Weltall dice: it was a gsoc idea but it wasn’t picked up so don’t expect it soon it’s a long work
(18:12:17) Soloyos smiles to Kaerli
(18:12:34) Zarre dice: thanks Weltall
(18:12:34) Kaerli dice: ah.
(18:13:22) Henik dice: [ I meant if I go get it to tell will the one you have available be mac ready ?]
(18:13:24) Weltall dice: any other question?
(18:13:28) Soloyos laughs
(18:13:35) Henik dice: ** [to test]
(18:13:47) Weltall dice: i will upload them later today prolly after the meeting
(18:14:01) Soloyos dice: wont be a long meeting i think
(18:14:08) Darege laughs
(18:14:09) Henik dice: Thanks
(18:14:14) Weltall dice: but you need to be able to add additional xml in the data folder
(18:14:37) Darege dice: are musical instrunents like drum IG already?
(18:14:55) Weltall dice: no they won’t be available before the next release
(18:15:00) Soloyos dice: Shame
(18:15:07) Henik dice: I can, i believe, if compress still works
(18:15:08) Darege dice: yes, a sheme :-(
(18:15:33) Weltall dice: even though the tamburine is already in game as an “useless”” item
(18:15:40) Soloyos dice: is it really?
(18:15:44) Weltall dice: same for a flute like item
(18:15:49) Weltall dice: it’s a gm item the tamburine
(18:15:53) Soloyos dice: Ahh
(18:15:56) Dermathil dice: Will we see a way to walk to amdeneir in the next few releases?
(18:15:57) Weltall dice: usually sold at gm markets or at least it was
(18:16:04) Soloyos dice: Flutes are nice, i like the one in the museum
(18:16:33) Weltall dice: few maybe but considering the next release will be first the music introduction and next the new combat system i doubt we will handle that for now
(18:16:44) Dermathil dice: alright, thanks.
(18:16:54) Zarre dice: Binding stones in other games are worth a lot. Will it be possible for a new player loot them, for example by slaying a fierce rat?
(18:16:59) Weltall dice: whathever you have in the museum is obtainable in a way or another Soloyos that’s why you’ve them :)
(18:17:19) Soloyos dice: Some are GM items……..
(18:17:24) Weltall dice: Zarre it’s quite early to think about such thing when there is no engine support
(18:17:41) Weltall dice: but released Soloyos . some gm items aren’t allowed to be given
(18:17:42) Kaerli dice: ok. I’m going to have to sign off for now, sry.
(18:17:46) Soloyos dice: Ahh i see
(18:17:49) Kaerli dice: (TS is having sound trouble)
(18:17:51) Zarre dice: aha.. understood.
(18:17:52) Soloyos dice: Bye
(18:17:57) Weltall dice: bye
(18:18:11) Soloyos dice: I cant see…
(18:18:15) Soloyos dice: There we go
(18:18:44) Weltall dice: give me 10 minutes
(18:19:35) Zarre dice: Thought for a moment you were going to answer questions up there Drenkjudi
(18:20:22) Soloyos dice: Is weltall afk for 10 mins?
(18:20:30) Zarre dice: I believe so
(18:20:43) Soloyos dice: Mine is more aimed at Sarva
(18:20:45) Weltall dice: back
(18:20:49) Soloyos dice: That was quick, Wb
(18:20:51) Zarre dice: wb\
(18:20:57) Weltall dice: got up at home
(18:21:04) Henik dice: So new combat will be in release after the next one , true ?
(18:21:07) Weltall dice: i was in a car till now
(18:21:15) Soloyos dice: Oh okay
(18:21:16) Weltall dice: yes if nothing goes bad
(18:21:20) Darege dice: lol
(18:21:26) Soloyos dice: well my q is aimed at Sarva more but you also
(18:21:36) Soloyos dice: Regarding GM items and Events, would it be possible to have them more often? maybe one a month that means more Rp can evolve from such events such as enscribing, or Hair dressing thingy one and so on?
(18:22:34) Weltall would love to know that answer too
(18:22:41) Soloyos smiles
(18:22:47) Soloyos dice: Sarva?
(18:22:50) Sarva dice: We tend to do events when we have GMs available who have time for the event. Also for the Hair salon we need Marathal available since she is the only GM currently who can move the locked items we use for that event into place.
(18:23:04) Weltall dice: considering my event supporting functions where unused entirely
(18:23:35) Soloyos nods to Sarva “Maybe other Gm’s should be have more powers, seeming as Marathal is not always here and is needed for a lot
(18:23:35) Zarre dice: Perhaps that can be changed then, Weltall?
(18:23:53) Weltall dice: i can move items too zarre
(18:23:59) Zarre nods
(18:24:02) Sarva dice: But ther ehas been talk about getting a new flag for spawned items so only GMs and devs can pick it up which should make setting up and running events easier.
(18:24:15) Zarre dice: We all know you are very busy though, Weltall.
(18:24:25) Weltall dice: moving items takes 1 minute
(18:24:37) Soloyos dice: That would be Good, it be nice to be able to get hold of different items, or change your apperance for RP
(18:25:11) Weltall dice: also they could be left out
(18:26:09) Soloyos dice: Would it not be better to put what is required for such events in the GM room so any gm can set one up?
(18:27:03) Sarva dice: We can spawn the items Soloyos but like with the hair salon we have had problems of people coming and taking some of the items if the GM who placed the items isn’t close enough to guard the items.
(18:27:18) Soloyos dice: Ahh yes i understand what you mean
(18:27:32) Soloyos dice: Maybe if you ate lots of pies you could cover evrything
(18:27:50) Sarva dice: Thus we locked down the items so they can’t be taken during the event but having the items locked is more limiting on when we can use those items.
(18:28:00) Weltall dice: it’s a nonproblem they just need to ask me to move them
(18:28:20) Sarva dice: But you aren’t always around Weltall
(18:28:29) Weltall dice: when it’s a decent hour for events i am
(18:28:45) Weltall dice: europeans and asians are always excluded lately
(18:28:48) Soloyos dice: I still think Sarva should be able to Lock, seeming as she is Team leader
(18:29:06) Weltall dice: i disagree
(18:29:51) Soloyos dice: then more events could happen as Mara is busy with Uni
(18:30:00) Zarre dice: Then how is it possible to make events available for all time zones if you are the key to unloking them?
(18:30:14) Soloyos dice: oo i like what you did the Zarre
(18:30:14) Weltall dice: leave the items out?
(18:30:19) Zarre dice: *unlockiong
(18:30:27) Soloyos dice: Could leave them with me ; )
(18:30:51) Weltall dice: and i’m around from 4 gmt to 22
(18:30:54) Weltall dice: should be enough
(18:31:01) Drenkjudi dice: could you not just deliver items after event
(18:31:23) Soloyos dice: guess im gunna start bugging weltall for events 😀
(18:31:47) Zarre dice: You need time to be unchained from PS, dear Weltall. You’re so appreciated and devoted .
(18:32:34) Weltall dice: it’s not like i need to be in ps or giving attention to ps in order to receive notifications
(18:32:52) Henik dice: Why not have these item only spawn for a limited time, then even if taken, they cannot be kept ?
(18:32:54) Zarre dice: It’s like being a doctor… on call.
(18:32:58) Soloyos dice: im gunna find your mobile number and phone you when im bored 😛
(18:33:09) Weltall dice: and just to say teleport area:items:100 there 0
(18:33:13) Weltall dice: this is what’s needed
(18:33:52) Soloyos dice: hmm teleport all GM ites to GH instance 397 i think it is 😀
(18:34:21) Darege dice: 😀
(18:34:57) Zarre dice: Hope to see you wearing a GM hat one day, Soloyos. :)
(18:35:12) Soloyos grins and holds out a Banner saying “Soloyos for GM”
(18:35:29) Darege laughs
(18:35:30) Weltall dice: no it teleports the items in the current instance to the instance 0
(18:35:44) Dermathil dice: Are there any plans to expand the ruins at Talad’s touch? Seems there are spiraling stairs that go down that could do well for the entrance to a new dungeon
(18:35:47) Soloyos dice: aww…
(18:36:00) Soloyos dice: yes i agree with Dermathil
(18:36:40) Weltall dice: right now no. the main project is the lava cave
(18:36:47) Dermathil dice: lava cave?
(18:36:49) Weltall dice: and modular dungeons
(18:37:03) Dermathil dice: ooh. Sounds real great
(18:37:07) Weltall dice: if the gsoc project gets to completion
(18:37:09) Soloyos dice: Nice
(18:37:14) Weltall dice: as the npcclient is supposed to make them
(18:37:16) Drenkjudi dice: i am still working on the lighting after this meetin i am going to pack all files and send it to talad
(18:37:38) Dermathil dice: alright, thanks
(18:37:53) Antarees dice: ‘ello!
(18:37:58) Weltall dice: hi
(18:38:02) Drenkjudi dice: the lighting should be all i need to have the lava cave finished
(18:38:15) Soloyos dice: Nice
(18:38:18) Antarees dice: i have a Q about the music thing
(18:38:31) Antarees dice: will it be possible to share compositions?
(18:38:48) Weltall dice: in which way “share”?
(18:39:01) Antarees dice: hmm…
(18:39:14) Antarees dice: like sending a midi file to someone
(18:39:35) Weltall dice: they work like books and sketches in all ways
(18:40:19) Antarees dice: oh… so if someone gives me a “book”, i can press play and listen to the tune?
(18:40:55) Weltall dice: and people around you
(18:41:05) Antarees dice: wow =)
(18:41:08) Antarees dice: very nice!!
(18:41:09) Soloyos dice: might help inGH’s as they lack music
(18:41:22) Weltall dice: but note that it’s skill based so if you aren’t good you’ll make mistakes
(18:41:33) Antarees dice: lol
(18:41:37) Antarees dice: lovely
(18:41:44) Dermathil dice: This is going to be awesome
(18:42:01) Weltall dice: (not player skill in case you are wondering that :P)
(18:42:04) Darege dice: yes, indeed, awesome
(18:42:13) Antarees dice: what skill will it be based on?
(18:42:19) Antarees dice: i’m guessing a new one…
(18:42:27) Weltall dice: it’s already there since a long while
(18:42:36) Antarees dice: AHA!!!
(18:42:47) Dermathil dice: Musical Instruments skill?
(18:42:48) Weltall dice: musical instrument
(18:42:53) Dermathil dice: (hahahah)
(18:43:08) Antarees dice: so, how can you train it?
(18:43:16) Weltall dice: by playing music
(18:43:21) Antarees dice: doh
(18:43:25) Antarees dice: ;-p
(18:43:46) Antarees dice: anyways… it sounds wonderful!!!
(18:43:54) Antarees dice: thanks =)
(18:44:02) Soloyos dice: i take it Krans cant play sting instruments? as they have fat fingers
(18:44:03) Zarre grins “So we all get to hear off key tunes while they train or will it be possible to have solo practice sessions? 😀
(18:44:23) Weltall dice: right now all will listen
(18:44:41) Soloyos dice: you can do solo practice in your GH
(18:44:45) Weltall dice: can’t you make bigger string instruments 😛
(18:44:50) Soloyos dice: NOPE
(18:44:51) Soloyos dice: 😀
(18:44:56) Soloyos dice: you would need ROPE not string
(18:45:13) Antarees dice: how many instuments will be available?
(18:45:19) Zarre dice: Not all have a GH though Soloyas.
(18:45:28) Soloyos dice: you do
(18:45:30) Soloyos dice: thats what i mean
(18:45:32) Weltall dice: 4/5 are supposed to be there but right now only the sound for 1 is there
(18:45:34) Soloyos dice: [AFK eating ]
(18:46:06) Weltall dice: tuux sampled each note on a real instrument (copyright reasons we can’t take sound fonts)
(18:46:15) Antarees dice: will there be some kind of master clock we can synct with?
(18:46:21) Antarees dice: sync*
(18:46:32) Weltall dice: right now i’d say no
(18:47:18) Antarees dice: ok… it whould be cool to have.. and not so hard(?) to implement…ithink
(18:47:36) Weltall dice: i don’t know it mostly depends on how it should actually work
(18:48:05) Antarees dice: indeed
(18:48:14) Zarre dice: Would be advantageous for planning events so it’s not night time too.
(18:48:55) Weltall dice: hum? the clock goes always at the same speed
(18:48:59) Antarees dice: how will my music sound at lvl 1?
(18:49:10) Weltall dice: the only case it stops is if the server is restarted for maintenance
(18:49:30) Weltall dice: i don’t know yet the script handling that wasn’t written yet
(18:50:07) Antarees dice: how about a set bpm per week?
(18:50:18) Antarees dice: could be fun…
(18:50:53) Antarees dice: …and syncing to a midi clock should be easy
(18:50:58) Weltall dice: ? beat per minute per week ok that’s weird 😛
(18:51:00) Zarre dice: beats per minute?
(18:51:06) Antarees dice: lol
(18:51:15) Antarees dice: yes, beats pr min.
(18:51:44) Weltall dice: in the song it’s not a set quantity you can make faster and slower and no we don’t use midi
(18:51:58) Antarees dice: aha!!
(18:52:04) Antarees dice: good to know
(18:52:25) Weltall dice: wanted to avoid bringing in some of those bloat software syntesizer
(18:52:51) Weltall dice: (which was additional dependencies too)
(18:52:57) Antarees dice: sure, samples work fine
(18:53:01) Weltall dice: for an overkil function for a game
(18:53:29) Antarees dice: maybe we could upload sample packs on the forum…
(18:53:49) Antarees dice: well… link to sample packs
(18:54:08) Weltall dice: they need to be under ABC, you need to sign the ABC license, then it will be assigned to an instrument and distribuited
(18:54:28) Weltall dice: technically you can set your client to play your own samples for an instrument but others won’t listen to the same thing
(18:54:36) Antarees dice: aye
(18:54:57) Soloyos dice: [ back ]
(18:55:10) Antarees dice: how many months til it’s ready?
(18:55:15) Antarees dice: ca.
(18:55:45) Weltall dice: i hope not many months
(18:55:58) Antarees dice: nice answer 😉
(18:56:17) Antarees dice: ok.. that’s all.. thanks =D
(18:56:38) Weltall dice: testing my builds will speed it up
(18:56:50) Weltall dice: as a new client release is tied to it
(18:57:04) Antarees dice: can i test it?
(18:57:32) Weltall dice: get it from my site when i upload it
(18:57:56) Antarees dice: Indeed i will.. what the url?
(18:58:05) Antarees dice: what’s*
(18:58:26) Soloyos dice: that one?
(18:58:50) Weltall dice: yes
(18:59:15) Antarees dice: kk thanks =)
(19:00:10) Soloyos dice: Nothing else?
(19:00:29) Weltall dice: if no one does we coud close for today
(19:00:48) Henik dice: Thanks weltall
(19:00:58) Darege dice: thank you
(19:01:06) Soloyos dice: Thanks Weltall, Sarva, “Drunkjedi” Drenkjudi
(19:01:09) Antarees dice: i had something.. but i’ll prolly remember it in 20 mins..
(19:01:12) Weltall dice: bye all
(19:01:16) Weltall dice: have a good week
(19:01:19) Antarees dice: Bye!!!
(19:01:21) Henik dice: Thanks sarva
(19:01:31) Drenkjudi dice: bye
(19:01:32) Antarees dice: tanks you too
(19:01:41) Sarva dice: Thanks for coming everyone


Sep 292011

UPDATE2: I’ve changed the patch to support the weird versioning in the fedora kernels.

UPDATE: I’ve added in the list of supported versions 8.0.1 and 4.0.1 for vmware player, so the script will run with no modifications but remember that when vmware releases a new minor most probably changing the version at the top of the script (or applying the patch manually) will work fine.

Even though vmware just released vmware workstation 8.0 it seems that also this time they didn’t look forward to the kernel which is going to come out in just some weeks. So users again this time will have to rely soon on patches in order to get vmware to work on their linux boxes.

At least this time the fix was quite easier to make.

You can find it here togheter with the script to patch it automatically: vmware8linux31fix.tar

Attached Files:

  • vmware8linux31fix.tar

    Patch and script to fix the build of kernel modules from vmware on linux 3.1 and newer