Aug 102011

UPDATE3: I’ve changed the patch to support the weird versioning in the fedora kernels.

UPDATE2: I’ve added in the list of supported versions 7.1.5 and 3.1.5 for vmware player, so the script will run with no modifications but remember that when vmware releases a new minor most probably changing the version at the top of the script (or applying the patch manually) will work fine.

UPDATE: I’ve added now a full patch starting from clean vmware 7.1.4 sources (together with the patch script for easier use)

This time fixing the kernel modules for vmware was quite simple. It seems some define used to “advertise” the presence of some features in the kernel where removed (in netdevice.h), breaking so the “compatibility” layer of the kernel modules sources of vmware.

So the fix is quite easy. It ends up in just adding those missing defines in the compat_netdevice.h if the kernel version is greater or equal to 3.1.

I’ve attached a patch which is to be applied after the previous one. Later I will probably do a full patch like with the previous one.

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Aug 102011

Here are the usual logs of the meet the devs events. There are some nice questions in this case so have a look!

As first the log of the 17 july 2011:

(21:58:50) Weltall dice: ok let’s start who wants to ask a question which wasn’t asked in the last 5 meet the devs please go behind the stand
(21:59:12) Gilrond chuckles about last 5 remark
(21:59:21) Masaro dice: I’m not quite sure if my question has been asked… I’ve not seen it asked at least
(21:59:45) Weltall dice: to note i keep the logs on my site
(21:59:56) Mishka dice: Not so many people.
(22:00:02) Weltall dice: hi gag
(22:00:05) Masaro dice: I’m not sure where the notes are, and it would take a while to try to find this question :/
(22:00:20) Gag dice: Greetings. I was told that the development of the combat system is progressing well.
(22:00:21) Weltall dice: it’s a blog so it’s easy: frontpage :)
(22:00:29) Gag dice: Can you already tell us details about the coming changes?
(22:00:35) Masaro dice: I don’t know where the blog is though…
(22:00:47) Weltall dice: check my forum profile
(22:00:47) Gilrond dice: [some logs are posted on the forum]
(22:00:49) Masaro dice: That, and I’d have a lot of chat to go through
(22:01:01) Weltall dice: gag which sort of coming changes?
(22:01:12) Gag dice: Sequences of attacks.
(22:01:31) Weltall dice: i can only tell you to check pswiki it’s all there
(22:02:05) Gag dice: Sounds like this kind of meeting becomes obsolete.
(22:02:07) Weltall dice: i don’t know more than that
(22:02:11) Mishka steps on Masaro’s lap >:3
(22:02:23) Gilrond sighs to Gag
(22:02:23) Masaro animates Mishka’s shadow
(22:02:41) Mishka stomps on it “Shush, shush!”
(22:02:41) Masaro dice: My question would be more for the art team anyway… none of them are here?
(22:03:02) Geceni dice: are we restriced to one question?
(22:03:09) Weltall dice: as far as i see no, some are in vacation others just not here today
(22:03:18) Mishka dice: And settings?
(22:03:34) Weltall dice: no idea where drjack went he said he was going
(22:03:46) Mishka dice: so he’ll attend?
(22:03:59) Mordaan dice: he said he’ll come later
(22:03:59) Gilrond dice: Anyone from the rules around?
(22:04:01) Weltall dice: he said “i will come later”
(22:04:16) Mishka dice: hope it’s not too late
(22:04:19) Mishka dice: πŸ˜›
(22:04:31) Mordaan dice: I hear Gag but I don’t see him. >.>
(22:05:17) Gilrond dice: Hello Weltall
(22:05:18) Weltall dice: anyway for the combat it’s not a project i follow directly you need to adress that to talad
(22:05:27) Weltall dice: hi Gilrond
(22:05:41) Gilrond dice: I’m not sure if it was asked before, I wonder about using master crafted hammer
(22:05:47) Gilrond dice: Is it bugged or not?
(22:05:52) Gilrond dice: Its effects are strange
(22:05:54) Mishka dice: Oh hohoho, that hammer.
(22:06:12) Weltall dice: it’s not bugged but it might not work like the pickaxe
(22:06:20) Gilrond dice: May be rules can clarify what it’s supposed to do
(22:06:24) Weltall dice: it start working at an higher level
(22:06:29) Gilrond dice: I’m not sure that even pickaxe really works
(22:06:38) Mordaan dice: (brb)
(22:06:38) Weltall dice: this means the radius of quality is more shrinked
(22:06:53) Weltall dice: pickaxe work for sure they actually do nothing different than the normal one
(22:06:58) Mishka dice: Any general idea about the range of levels it starts to work? Because I’m almost 50 or so…
(22:06:58) Kolela dice: Ahhhh
(22:07:03) Gilrond dice: I noticed that it helps somewhat for stocks (hammer) but not for other stuff
(22:07:09) Weltall dice: 20 is the range
(22:07:13) Weltall dice: for normal stuff
(22:07:16) Gilrond dice: 20 bs?
(22:07:28) Weltall dice: both bs and specific skill
(22:07:46) Elviria dice: If a master crafted rockpick does nothing different than the normal one, then what’s the point of it?
(22:07:54) Gilrond dice: Ah, so before having 20 in both there is no point in using it?
(22:08:05) Mordaan dice: Ah good, now I can actually see everyone.
(22:08:06) Weltall dice: it’s supposed to take regard of the quality
(22:08:17) Weltall dice: if the pickaxe has an higher quality then it has a certain difference
(22:08:21) Mishka dice: But say, I have level 44 and 29 sword making, does that mean I can use it and actually notice a difference in the outcoming item?
(22:08:24) Weltall dice: but it’s the quality doing it not the type
(22:08:27) Mishka dice: (level 44 BS)
(22:08:37) Weltall dice: yes you should see a difference mishka
(22:08:44) Weltall dice: can’t assure it would be better yet
(22:08:49) Hangatyr dice: the MCH is a fairy tale
(22:08:52) Gilrond dice: Is it higher range of q, or higher possibilty of q raise?
(22:09:20) Weltall dice: it starts the range of use earlier and ends at the same position of the other one
(22:09:36) Weltall dice: the range determines also the amount of lost quality
(22:09:49) Weltall dice: max at the lower limit zero at the higher limit
(22:09:58) Weltall dice: it’s linear
(22:09:59) Mordaan dice: And good to see you are actually visible this time, Weltall. :)
(22:10:13) Gilrond dice: Ah, so master crafted one loses less?
(22:10:26) Mishka pays attention
(22:10:37) Weltall dice: could lose more
(22:10:47) Mishka dice: *frownie*
(22:10:52) Gilrond dice: Not sure I get the benefit then
(22:10:53) Weltall dice: at 20 you lose more because for master it’s max the quality removal
(22:10:57) Gilrond dice: Higher q range?
(22:11:01) Weltall dice: while for normal you aren’t at the lower limit
(22:11:11) Weltall dice: nope
(22:11:24) Farirro dice: afk)
(22:11:28) Kolela dice: so confused….
(22:11:37) Gilrond is pretty confused too
(22:11:43) Weltall dice: -yes it’s known that thing is not normal but stelanso will have to adress it –
(22:11:53) Geceni dice: so then there’s no benefit from using it?
(22:12:06) Weltall dice: nope
(22:12:10) Gilrond dice: OK, at least good to hear it’ll be addressed
(22:12:11) Masaro dice: I’ve heard this was a long-standing problem…
(22:12:23) Gilrond dice: Thanks Weltall
(22:12:35) Weltall dice: np
(22:13:37) Gilrond dice: One more :)
(22:13:45) Gilrond dice: Do you plan to add any more mines?
(22:13:53) Gilrond dice: Like for example around Amdeneir
(22:13:58) Mishka dice: I’d say add more things to mine
(22:14:06) Gilrond dice: That also
(22:14:09) Mordaan dice: Both. :)
(22:14:13) Masaro dice: Sapphires would be great
(22:14:17) Weltall dice: you’d need to open amdeneir first getting out of bounds doesn’t mean you are supposed to be :)
(22:14:19) Mishka dice: And jasper
(22:14:30) Gilrond dice: Jsut jump off the wall πŸ˜‰
(22:14:31) Soloyos smiles “Exploring”
(22:14:36) Gilrond dice: You don’t even need a mount for it
(22:14:50) Weltall dice: still it’s out of bounds :) so first it has to be opened
(22:14:54) Mordaan dice: There is an exit, it’s just very well hidden.
(22:14:56) Gilrond dice: OK, OK
(22:15:07) Mishka dice: One thing at a step
(22:15:23) Gilrond dice: So do you plan to open it anytime soon?
(22:15:37) Weltall dice: when the outside will be done for now it’s just a placeholder
(22:15:42) Soloyos looks to Katu
(22:15:56) Gilrond dice: So it’s not so soon then I guess?
(22:16:13) Gilrond dice: Also, you could add some mines to the old areas, like caves
(22:16:14) Weltall dice: i actually doubt the one working on amdeneir is working on the guildhouse map
(22:16:22) Gilrond dice: It’ll give some incentive to visit them
(22:16:45) Kolela dice: cave mines would be fun
(22:16:51) Gilrond nods
(22:16:53) Masaro dice: Agreed
(22:16:56) Geceni dice: ditto
(22:16:56) Mordaan nods
(22:16:59) Karna dice: or perhpas just a tad bit of higher percentage of better loot from npcs in hte caves..
(22:17:05) Elviria dice: Cave mines with aggro npc’s πŸ˜€
(22:17:13) Gilrond dice: :)
(22:17:14) Nahyana huggles katu
(22:17:30) Geceni dice: somebody’s feeling adventurous πŸ˜‰
(22:17:31) Katu hugs Nahyana
(22:17:52) Gag looks at Nahyana: “Miss, are you developer?!”
(22:17:56) Nahyana dice: Aye!
(22:17:57) Gilrond dice: So far they are just sightseeing.
(22:18:02) Gilrond dice: Not much to do there
(22:18:07) Mordaan dice: Ooh, but then sneak mode cancels out aggro. Takes longer but you don’t have to deal with them. :)
(22:18:08) Weltall dice: stelanso for now has no plans for it yet
(22:18:14) Karna dice: except getting lost πŸ˜›
(22:18:25) Weltall dice: they are still working on npc paths then it will be loot
(22:18:32) Gag dice: Looks like we could use a little introduction of the not so wellknown staff.
(22:18:32) Geceni dice: nice!
(22:18:48) Gilrond dice: At least adding some diggable arfefacts or mines there would make it fun
(22:18:48) Nahyana dice: Oh but I’m sure you know Katu. At least the oldbies.
(22:19:02) Katu bows to everyone
(22:19:11) Masaro dice: Ugh… so they are still working on those NPC paths…
(22:19:15) Geceni waves to Katu and Nahyana
(22:19:23) Katu dice: I’m an x-gm and now in settings.
(22:19:27) Gilrond dice: Anyway, just ponder the idea
(22:19:36) Nahyana dice: And I’m his prospect slave.
(22:19:44) Geceni dice: lol
(22:20:02) Nahyana dice: He uses me to work on quests and fix bugs under promises of fresh fish.
(22:20:16) Soloyos grins
(22:20:21) Geceni dice: aha, an alt!
(22:20:21) Mishka snickers
(22:20:27) Mordaan laughs
(22:21:07) Gilrond dice: Thanks
(22:21:16) Diggah dice: A general question for any dev here or interested in answering after reading the logs. What aspect of the work you are doing at the moment excites you the most? If different what do you think will be of the most long term importance for PS? Thankyou.
(22:21:22) Weltall dice: the maximum i can do is tell stelanso
(22:21:33) Mishka dice: Hai MroMro
(22:22:27) Weltall dice: the challenge of finding things in the code :)
(22:22:30) Weltall dice: i don’t know katu
(22:22:57) Nahyana dice: The oportunity of writing quests, wuest chains, improving the existent ones, setting up new areas!
(22:23:27) Elviria dice: Weltall, I have a client engine question… right now it looks like most actual cpu consuming work happens in the same thread, given that cpu’s are now improving by adding cores rather than actual speed, is there any plans to spread the load across cores a bit better in the client? (and as a side-question, does, or will CS have any features to aid in parallel coding and auto-managing mutexes? )
(22:24:39) Gag dice: That is a question to the CS devs rather than PS…
(22:24:56) Katu dice: To adress Diggah’s question: I am currently working on a major rework of the area settings, and that exites me because we are now trying tomake both the area and the NPCs come more alive.
(22:25:10) Katu dice: By making more in depth stories.
(22:25:13) Geceni dice: Yay!
(22:25:26) Nahyana dice: And I’m helping!
(22:25:50) Gilrond dice: Good question Elviria
(22:26:06) Katu dice: The job is huge, but very pleasing to do and will porbably be a template for how areas are set up in the future.
(22:26:31) Karna dice: what plans do you have for fishing.. in terms of balancing it in the game economy and making it a viable income source?
(22:27:52) Katu dice: Economy will be a long term balancing act I think, for all occupations and crafts.
(22:27:58) Nahyana dice: I thought, whoever wants to ask a question, has to step in line…..
(22:28:31) Gilrond dice: Making it more multithreaded must be a deep redesign
(22:28:33) Karna dice: @Nahyana sorry, wasn’t aware of that
(22:28:50) Nahyana dice: I didnt know you didn’t know either.
(22:29:35) Nahyana dice: Here, right? For the next questions, the line starts here
(22:29:55) Weltall dice: multithreading requires a deep redesign for sure even in cs i’d not expect it anytime soon
(22:30:20) Weltall dice: there is need to evaluate all the critical areas and we talk of 600k lines of code
(22:30:21) Nahyana whispers: “And also wait until others’ questions are answered :thumbsup:”
(22:30:48) Masaro dice: o.O… that’s a lot of work
(22:30:59) Weltall dice: cs has aids for mutexes for use in cross platform development
(22:31:11) Weltall dice: like mutex on creation of the object and unmutex on destroyal
(22:31:18) Weltall dice: but that’s all
(22:31:29) Elviria dice: That’s good to know.
(22:31:33) Weltall dice: opemp is implemented in cs from an earlier gsoc project but it seems to be a failure
(22:31:50) Weltall dice: it works only in the lighter which lights the maps and it crashes with segfaults
(22:32:01) Mishka grumbles
(22:32:07) Mishka dice: I stillhave problems with lighting…
(22:32:20) Gilrond dice: Yep
(22:32:37) Mordaan dice: PS still seems way to dark by default.
(22:32:44) Gilrond dice: at least it doesn’t segfaults…
(22:32:44) Mordaan dice: *too
(22:32:52) Mishka dice: My problem is that I see the models pink πŸ˜›
(22:33:07) Geceni dice: turn up your shaders πŸ˜‰
(22:33:08) Nahyana dice: *giggle* How cute, Mishka.
(22:33:13) Weltall dice: while i agree it’s dark i’ve seen darker games and they are many :)
(22:33:16) Aramara dice: take off your rose colored glasses πŸ˜›
(22:33:21) Geceni dice: lol
(22:33:23) Mishka dice: πŸ˜›
(22:33:30) Farirro dice: back
(22:33:34) Elviria dice: There are many darker games… it all depends on your monitor too … and ps does let you change brightness now
(22:33:34) Gag dice: Riddick! πŸ˜€
(22:33:39) Mishka dice: I tried everything… or almost
(22:33:59) Mordaan dice: At least there’s that. :)
(22:34:22) Weltall dice: on my crt i can’t see anything even the gui on my lcd i don’t even need to change the gamma
(22:34:32) Gilrond dice: Speaking of darkness, caves sould be really dark
(22:34:36) Weltall dice: but same goes for anything else including oblivion πŸ˜›
(22:34:49) Gilrond dice: So you could use a torch there
(22:34:49) Soloyos dice: What a game
(22:35:08) Kolela dice: that would be cool
(22:35:23) Weltall dice: well the torch light the place
(22:35:30) Weltall dice: but they are expensive in processing power
(22:35:44) Nahyana dice: That means torch = laggy.
(22:35:46) Weltall dice: (you need to put the settings high to see it)
(22:36:00) Geceni dice: which settings? shader?
(22:36:06) Weltall dice: shader and particles
(22:36:10) Geceni dice: ah
(22:36:11) Gilrond dice: OK
(22:36:14) Weltall dice: to max
(22:36:15) Mishka takes note
(22:36:25) Mishka dice: But that’s too laggy indeed.
(22:36:31) Geceni’s shaders and particles are already on max XD
(22:36:32) Weltall dice: depns oyur computer
(22:36:37) Gilrond dice: Could it be optimized?
(22:36:46) Weltall dice: dynamic lights are always heavy
(22:36:52) Mishka dice: If PS didn’t use the 75% of my CPU…
(22:37:27) Aramara dice: speaking of lighting, i have an observation about the skymaps ingame, in particular, the position of the crystal
(22:37:42) Mishka dice: (I gotta run!)
(22:38:08) Aramara dice: I noticed it while at the winch, it may not be an issue in other locations
(22:38:14) Weltall dice: if it looks weird the best is leaving a bug in the bugtracker talad handles those
(22:38:33) Weltall dice: maybe with a pic telling what’s the issue
(22:38:40) Weltall dice: and the /pos in which it can be seen
(22:38:40) Gilrond dice: Dome lighting is always messed up…
(22:38:45) Aramara dice: it’s just that it’s totally in the wrong place
(22:39:16) Aramara dice: if you’re at the winch looking out, the crystal should be infront of you, but it’s behind you, over hydlaa
(22:39:37) Weltall dice: it probably needs to be flipped
(22:39:58) Aramara dice: perhaps
(22:40:16) Weltall dice: leave a comment in the bugtracker if you can
(22:40:24) Aramara dice: will do
(22:40:49) Nahyana bites her claws.
(22:41:12) Weltall dice: anyone else?
(22:41:19) Nahyana dice: Please?
(22:41:45) Geceni dice: How can the player population help aid in development?
(22:41:56) Weltall dice: join in any area
(22:42:04) Weltall dice: programming art setting rules
(22:42:11) Weltall dice: for programming it’s fine to just contribuite
(22:42:19) Weltall dice: (but ask before proceeding with new features)
(22:42:33) Mordaan dice: There’s lots to be done in settings.
(22:42:38) Katu nods “we are in need of settings members”
(22:42:39) Mordaan dice: I mean LOTS!
(22:42:52) Geceni dice: As I understand it though, joining the dev team has quite a few requirements
(22:42:54) Mrokii dice: What exactly do they do?
(22:42:56) Mordaan dice: NPCs Knowledge Areas alone can be a full time effort.
(22:43:12) Mrokii dice: oops sorry
(22:43:16) Geceni dice: such as minimum hours a week, 18+ only, etc.
(22:43:21) Nahyana dice: The Knowledge areas are a bit of a pita sometimes.
(22:43:38) Mordaan dice: KAs = what an NPC tells you when you ask about something.
(22:43:42) Nahyana dice: Well, we know you have another life out of PS.
(22:43:43) Katu dice: In settings we write quests, background stories, books, knowledge areas and documentation.
(22:43:47) Gilrond dice: Hydlaa historian doesn’t know about Kadaikos for example…
(22:44:01) Nahyana nudges Katu “Take note.”
(22:44:07) Mordaan dice: Good example, Gilrond
(22:44:26) Nahyana dice: Historian… Arion Fildar? Jayose? I’m lost, I don’t know all the NPCs by heart.
(22:44:30) Geceni dice: I would love to join the settings team, but have not filed registration since I’m just a few months under 18, and a student with a VERY full schedule
(22:45:03) Weltall had a very full schedule till last week too πŸ˜€
(22:45:14) Weltall dice: like from 6 in the morning to 8 in the evening
(22:45:22) Gilrond dice: No, I mean Aliress
(22:45:31) Nahyana dice: Aliress Doomforge!
(22:45:47) Nahyana dice: *takes note* Thanks for the feedback.
(22:45:50) Geceni dice: but as I understand it, a dev is required to put in a certain number of hours in a week
(22:45:56) Mordaan dice: Also, NPCs need to have info about each other. As NPCs increase, the amount of KAs needed grows exponentially. πŸ˜›
(22:46:19) Weltall dice: for engine (efven more as contributor) i don’t require it
(22:46:24) Nahyana took a spare day today . . .
(22:46:36) Geceni dice: what about settings though?
(22:46:59) Katu dice: If you have a few hours to spare Geceni, we will gladly take them.
(22:47:14) Katu smiles
(22:47:19) Nahyana dice: You write what you can when you can, which is expected to be regular. But inspiration doesn’t come that easy.
(22:47:36) Mordaan dice: The more people join, the less there load there is for all.
(22:47:45) Katu nods
(22:47:51) Geceni dice: I see, so it’s not like a job where I have to do X number of hours per day
(22:47:53) Weltall dice: just don’t take a task and then let it starve
(22:48:23) Katu winks “of course it would best if all devs could work 24/7.. but working for free makes it a bit hard…”
(22:48:35) Geceni dice: Will the settings team take me even though I’m slightly under the age of 18?
(22:48:53) Nahyana dice: That is up to the Big Boss to decide.
(22:48:55) Katu dice: That will be up to Talad, Geceni.
(22:49:03) Nahyana high fives Katu
(22:49:17) Geceni dice: alright, well I’ll give it some thought then
(22:49:31) Geceni dice: Many thanks to all of you for all of the hard work you do
(22:49:41) Nahyana dice: He’s the settings leader currently. You can find him on IRC – but he’s not online right now.
(22:50:11) Geceni dice: alright, I’ll keep my eyes open πŸ˜‰
(22:50:42) Geceni dice: I guess that’s all I have to ask about πŸ˜‰ Thanks again to all of the devs and GMs who make PS what it is
(22:50:53) Nahyana dice: Just lurk a bit in #planeshift. The network is freenode.
(22:51:07) Mordaan nods at Geceni
(22:51:40) Nahyana raises a paw
(22:51:48) Geceni dice: [afk]
(22:51:50) Nahyana dice: May I make an announcement about a bugged quest?
(22:52:11) Gilrond dice: Trasok’s special hammer?
(22:52:15) Nahyana dice: Axe.
(22:52:18) Katu nods at Nahyana
(22:52:22) Gilrond dice: axe, sorry
(22:52:25) Keella dice: thats great
(22:52:34) Nahyana dice: Yes, that one. I’m guessing almost everyone has problem with it, right?
(22:52:41) Gilrond dice: Yep
(22:52:41) Hangatyr dice: yea
(22:52:41) Soloyos dice: i didint
(22:52:45) Kolela nods
(22:52:47) Diggah nods
(22:52:50) Gilrond dice: Trasok doesn’t take coamti blood
(22:52:58) Nahyana dice: Alright, so, listen up.
(22:53:31) Nahyana dice: I wouldn’t do the quest yet. Mostly because it’s been rewritten. We only need the bosses to review it and say it’s ready to test, okay?
(22:53:51) Gilrond dice: Would GMs reset it then for us?
(22:53:57) Weltall dice: if you’ve changed the step i’ll need to wipe it
(22:53:58) Gilrond dice: Most already started it I guess
(22:54:03) Nahyana dice: I have, Weltall.
(22:54:15) Weltall dice: then you need to write down all the quest with changed step amount
(22:54:36) Mordaan dice: Also be wary of something…in this case sorry for the spoiler but it will help avoid confusion…
(22:54:40) Nahyana dice: It’s in my folder, already rewritten, you can check it later.
(22:54:42) Nahyana dice: Mordaan”
(22:54:48) Nahyana dice: Spoilers!
(22:54:55) Mordaan dice: Trasok asked for 3 coamti blood.
(22:55:03) Gilrond dice: Yes
(22:55:11) Nahyana dice: Well, it’s not 3.
(22:55:13) Mordaan dice: But only accepts 2…so it was decided to make it 2.
(22:55:25) Mordaan dice: Be wary of that when you are able to continue.
(22:55:32) Nahyana dice: *shrug* We sorry, we no mean to.
(22:55:43) Mordaan dice: If you can without it being reset.
(22:55:47) Gilrond dice: Thanks
(22:56:04) Mordaan dice: If you can start from the beginning again, well then inthe fixed version, Trasok will say the right thing.
(22:56:05) Nahyana dice: Anyways, it’s rewritten and I hope will be ready to test anytime soon.
(22:56:13) Nahyana dice: Aye.
(22:57:03) Nahyana dice: We hope you will enjoy a bug-free quest. I’ll test it myself to see it’s perfect for release.
(22:57:19) Mordaan dice: So several things fixed there. :)
(22:57:43) Nahyana dice: Looks like fixing one bug discovered a few more to fix, geh.
(22:57:55) Gilrond dice: Good to hear
(22:58:12) Mordaan dice: Also MANY other quests fixed and awaiting testing.
(22:58:35) Mordaan dice: Mostly typos, grammar, aesthetic stuff, but still needed to be done.
(22:59:01) Nahyana dice: Sigh… that too. But expect the NPC dwarves to have that slightly riddiculous Scottish accent!
(22:59:14) Nahyana dice: I mean, with all my respect to the present ones.
(22:59:28) Gilrond dice: A related question. Some ways have less glyphs. What will happen when they’ll be added to the ways quests?
(22:59:52) Nahyana whispers to Katu: “Is the question for us?”
(23:00:55) Gilrond dice: Or it’s not even planned?
(23:01:20) Katu ponders
(23:01:35) Nahyana dice: Honestly, I didn’t really understand your question.
(23:01:50) Nahyana dice: Are you asking if there will be more glyphs to add?
(23:01:57) Gilrond dice: I mean, if you add more glyphs to ways quests, new players could get them
(23:02:09) Gag dice: I believe if more glyphs will become available via quests…
(23:02:14) Gilrond dice: But those who already did these quests will miss them out
(23:03:06) Katu dice: If the quests change a lot they have to be wiped anyways. Then you will be able to do them.
(23:03:11) Aramara dice: have an alt run the quest
(23:03:17) Gilrond dice: Ah, that’s good to know, thanks
(23:03:30) Gilrond dice: Alt to train to master?…
(23:03:38) Aramara dice: hehe
(23:03:42) Nahyana holds a laughter.
(23:04:00) Nahyana dice: Well, I think some powerlevelers won’t have any problem with that.
(23:04:10) Mrokii dice: Aramara: Yeah right. Let’s do some dozens hours worth of quests to get another glyph…
(23:04:16) Nahyana whistles and looks to the other way.
(23:04:27) Gilrond dice: may be, but the point is not to loose out on newer versions of quests
(23:05:01) Sarva dice: Generaly new items get introduced with new quests. That is how it has worked in the past.
(23:05:03) Katu dice: That will allways be a problem as long as we still are in the developing phase Gilrond.
(23:05:16) Katu nods at Sarva
(23:05:25) Gilrond dice: Alright, if quests are being reset that’s OK
(23:05:33) Gilrond dice: Thanks
(23:05:46) Elviria dice: Weltall, why was some of the lower level networking code (NetBase?), and other potentially generally useful classes developed within the scope of the planeshift project rather than contributed within CS? Are there any backporting plans?
(23:05:48) Nahyana dice: That doesn’t mean there will be a quest wipe soon!
(23:06:23) Weltall dice: cs never considered that sort of things within as far as i know
(23:06:41) Weltall dice: they are stored in cel
(23:06:46) Weltall dice: not in main cs
(23:07:08) Weltall dice: which isn’t really much active
(23:08:11) Elviria dice: Well, I know cel has some stuff (not much it looks like), but for example, in the google talk, Keith was talking about how the udp messages can be either sent in order (or not) and prioritized… that seems like it would be generally useful to any project that deals with networking, and it feels/seems like it would be more at home within the game engine itself?
(23:08:50) Weltall dice: but you would still drag an huge heap of cs code in order to make it works
(23:08:59) Weltall dice: so it’s not really easy to deploy
(23:09:16) Weltall dice: plus i’d put some back points to it myself. it’s a bit obfuscated
(23:09:46) Elviria dice: :) ok then
(23:09:54) Sarva dice: For people who missed it you might want to look at the forum under the IMportant: Will my character be wiped when a ne wrelease comes out thread Talad posted this past week. Under the Announcements area Planeshift Rules and notifications section.
(23:10:11) Nahyana dice: Summarizing: No, s/he/kra won’t.
(23:10:16) Gilrond dice: Thanks Sarva
(23:10:36) Weltall dice: if there is nothing else i’d close the meeting
(23:10:43) Nahyana dice: I have an announcement!
(23:10:49) Nahyana dice: Another, yes.
(23:11:29) Nahyana dice: Ahem… we know some player had problems with the Winch Access quest chain.
(23:11:35) Nahyana dice: Players, rather.
(23:11:43) Soloyos looks around
(23:12:00) Nahyana dice: There was a quest that led you inside the Winch WITHOUT the player having access to it. I know it’s crazy.
(23:12:20) Hangatyr dice: no its common here
(23:12:31) Nahyana dice: Just… it’s fixed, alright? It’s still long and hard, but you won’t need the help of any GM.
(23:13:12) Farirro dice: Is the illegal chain fixed? I wanted my other char to do that chain for access.
(23:13:24) Farirro dice: Zak’s
(23:13:29) Mordaan laughs at Hangatyr’s remark
(23:13:31) Kolela dice: How is it broken?
(23:13:33) Nahyana dice: I don’t know more about this because I don’t have access to the scripts.
(23:13:38) Kolela dice: I did that route
(23:13:41) Karna dice: i guess it must be farrirro, cz i did it the illegal way not two weeks ago
(23:14:13) Nahyana dice: Is it there a problem with the illegal quest chain?
(23:14:20) Farirro dice: Someone I know tried it just 4-5 days ago and one of the quests were bugged.
(23:14:39) Farirro dice: i’ll ask him what quest when he is next on.
(23:14:43) Katu dice: Is there a report on this in the bugtracker?
(23:14:59) Nahyana dice: Please, tell him to see if there is a bug report and if not, then tell him to open a ticket.
(23:14:59) Katu dice: If not, we have no way of knowing.
(23:15:17) Farirro dice: Ok.
(23:15:18) Aramara dice: gracias y adios!
(23:15:25) Mordaan dice: The bugtracker starts it all. Even if it takes awhile. πŸ˜‰
(23:15:35) Gag waves goodbye.
(23:15:38) Nahyana dice: Keep in mind we can only find the bugs we know are around, which means on the bugtracker – and maybe some I can find with our main chars, we like to play PS too.
(23:16:16) Nahyana dice: Some *we* can find.
(23:16:36) Nahyana dice: Anyways, that’s all, if Weltall wants to finish the meeting.
(23:16:47) Gilrond dice: Thank you
(23:16:49) Karna dice: just one question, if u dont mind
(23:16:49) Farirro nods
(23:16:57) Hangatyr dice: What?
(23:17:02) Nahyana looks up at Weltall.
(23:17:12) Karna dice: is that ok Weltall?
(23:17:16) Weltall dice: ok
(23:17:35) Hangatyr shakes his head and leaves
(23:17:55) Karna dice: just a small one, back when i stopped playing about 3 years ago, we had a second theme to choose from which i cant find now..
(23:18:09) Karna dice: any chance of having it again?
(23:18:14) Nahyana dice: Do you mean a GUI skin?
(23:18:16) Elviria dice: There was 3 themes at some point….
(23:18:19) Karna dice: yes
(23:18:31) Mordaan dice: There are 3 as far as I know.
(23:18:35) Elviria dice: The greenish one, the stone one, and the current default
(23:18:38) Karna dice: gui skin..
(23:19:03) Nahyana dice: Uh… You should check the forums. Some players have submitted custom skins for the GUI. Some of them are even redesigns of old themes.
(23:19:21) Mordaan dice: (nevermind…I misread as ways to the winch. πŸ˜› )
(23:19:27) Karna dice: ok
(23:19:30) Karna dice: thank you
(23:19:44) Nahyana dice: I hope you find the skin you’re looking for there.
(23:19:47) Katu dice: And if you know some basics of xml and photoshop, you can make your own.
(23:20:01) Karna dice: that would be really nice :)
(23:20:01) Nahyana dice: I know the elves theme isn’t precisely pretty.
(23:20:06) Mordaan dice: There’s lots of mods out there…some nice ones.
(23:20:25) Nahyana dice: I recommend BoniMods and nobody paid me to say this.
(23:20:34) Nahyana hides a bunch of circles into her pockets.
(23:20:34) Soloyos chuckles
(23:20:46) Mordaan dice: Lusserol had some nice ones too.
(23:20:55) Nahyana dice: Lusserall.
(23:20:58) Weltall dice: ok thanks for partecipating see you all in some weeks :)
(23:21:06) Mordaan dice: Yes, thanks
(23:21:06) Gag dice: The Way of the Hammer too … thanks to Evaraj.
(23:21:09) Karna dice: thank you
(23:21:15) Katu bows to everyone
(23:21:16) Soloyos dice: Aye the hammer skin is nice
(23:21:19) Geceni dice: Thanks devs!
(23:21:24) Geceni dice: And GMs!
(23:21:26) Nahyana dice: I should try it.
(23:21:43) Sarva dice: First sunday of next month is the next meeting. That on is earlier int he day.
(23:21:53) Sarva dice: one*
(23:22:00) Nahyana dice: Psst Katu
(23:22:05) Nahyana dice: You don’t have to leave, silly.
(23:22:11) Katu smiles at Dohmo, Janner and Sarva “Hi, long time no see!”
(23:22:24) Sarva dice: Nice seeing you again katu.
(23:22:31) Dohmo dice: Hello
(23:22:36) Nahyana wishes she had GM powers like in the test server <.<
(23:22:38) Mordaan dice: Nice seeing Katu, period. πŸ˜‰
(23:22:48) Katu dice: I’m not leaving Nahyana, just talking to my old buddies.
(23:22:48) Gag waves goodbye.

And then the log of the 7 august 2011.

(04:16:30) Weltall says: we’ve already started feel free to ask your question ^^
(04:16:59) Griselda says: Well, when do we think are the skins for the races going to be developed by?
(04:17:06) Griselda says: Such as a the lemurs and such?
(04:17:30) Weltall says: next ones in line are klyros female
(04:17:45) Fuusan gives Weltall a flat stare.
(04:17:56) Fuusan says: I’m wearing a robe, doesn’t mean I’m a girl.
(04:17:57) Keella says: a what?
(04:17:59) Weltall says: as for the others they are still not in working so i can’t really give a timeline for it
(04:18:05) Soloyos chuckles
(04:18:07) Griselda laughs
(04:18:09) Weltall says: XD
(04:18:10) Fuusan says: Anyway, my question.
(04:18:15) Mordaan laughs
(04:18:15) Griselda says: He meant next ones being made
(04:18:35) Keella grins
(04:18:55) Fuusan says: It is currently hard to get up the ladder behind the tavern, will that be fixed?
(04:19:27) Fuusan says: To climb we have to jump, and often results in us sliding down.
(04:19:41) Weltall says: well for sure it will sooner or later. it’s just one of the many map bugs which are around
(04:19:54) Fuusan says: All right
(04:20:02) Niarwym nods.
(04:20:09) Weltall says: unfortunately from past experience i’d not expect it soon neither but quite away in time sorry
(04:20:17) Fuusan says: The timeline thing was just for models, right?
(04:21:07) Fuusan says: If so, I have another question.
(04:21:09) Weltall says: well right now as i’ve said the only model being worked on is the klyrosf one. there is more focus on the update of hydlaa plaza from art po
(04:21:12) Weltall says: v
(04:21:26) Weltall says: with more modern textures and better models
(04:21:35) Soloyos grumbles
(04:21:35) Niarwym says: Great :)
(04:21:36) Fuusan understands the comment about the klyros female now.
(04:21:42) Fuusan says: πŸ˜€
(04:21:43) Mordaan says: It’s such a long and painstaking process these character models
(04:21:59) Fuusan says: So I can ask about lockpicking, right?
(04:22:01) Mordaan says: Plus we need animations, not just the models.
(04:22:01) Weltall says: yes
(04:22:09) Weltall says: models textures animations
(04:22:16) Weltall says: and usually they are done in 3dsmax
(04:22:20) Niarwym looks at herself and feels kind of fortunate.
(04:22:30) Mordaan says: We need some good 3D artists to join. >.>
(04:22:30) Weltall says: because the only working cal3d exporter is on 3dsmax
(04:22:42) Niarwym says: Oh, but the animations are an issue… Especially when climbing ladders…
(04:23:00) Weltall says: that’s just the walking anim right now
(04:23:10) Niarwym says: Mhm.
(04:23:55) Zarre waves at Katu
(04:24:33) Fuusan says: Lockpicking seems to be almost done, the locks are there, and the command to try to unlock them is also there. Will it be done soon?
(04:24:33) Weltall says: as for lockpicking i think you want to know when it will be implemented
(04:24:38) Fuusan says: Yes
(04:24:40) Weltall says: the code is all there
(04:24:51) Fuusan fistpumps
(04:25:01) Niarwym says: πŸ˜€
(04:25:03) Niarwym says: Fun
(04:25:09) Weltall says: considering the only locked things are player things and that’s it’s an hell if something happens to those i don’t foresee allowing people to pick players locks
(04:25:24) Soloyos says: good
(04:25:45) Weltall says: as for some npc home
(04:25:50) Fuusan says: >:D
(04:25:52) Weltall says: well katu could do something about it πŸ˜›
(04:25:57) Soloyos says: Can we picklock Harns and drag him out of bed
(04:25:57) Soloyos grins
(04:26:03) Mordaan says: haha
(04:26:08) Niarwym says: lol
(04:26:08) Mordaan says: Many would like to.
(04:26:13) Zarre laughs
(04:26:16) Weltall says: XD
(04:26:40) Katu laughs at Soloyos’ remark
(04:26:44) Diggah says: I have noticed that over the last month damage values for certain spells have been changing almost daily, eg Electrotouch, Flaming Weapon, and Necrotouch. Is this intended or a consequence of tweaking other values?
(04:27:22) Weltall says: daily? it’s most probably just the random number generator. it’s nothing from our side just a dice used by all players :(
(04:27:26) Weltall says: :)
(04:28:28) Weltall says: the case of “i get all bad loot” is the same type of thing
(04:28:34) Diggah says: Perhaps it needs more testing, for example yesterday Necrotouch was drawing 29.6 health.Today 19
(04:29:10) Diggah says: Electrotouch has been 15 for a long time, today 11
(04:29:11) Weltall says: it doesn’t have to do with us tweaking code but it has to do with the numbers being generated. as it’s a mersenne twister it’s not a random number but the players introduce the randomness in the system
(04:29:29) Diggah says: Ah, interesting.Thanks
(04:29:30) Weltall says: it was tested it yields a media of 49 over 100
(04:29:36) Weltall says: which is quite good
(04:29:45) Diggah says: Any idea on when the work done by Summer of Code will be incorporated into the client?
(04:30:05) Weltall says: don’t expect them before october i’d say
(04:30:21) Diggah says: Great, thanks a lot.
(04:30:31) Weltall says: if you want some things but not really visible like improvements to the sound system code you’ll have to build yourself the client
(04:30:59) Weltall says: it’s just right now the trunk client is a bit unstable due to some commits from gsoc students
(04:33:04) Niarwym whistles.
(04:33:16) Katu says: Any other questions?
(04:33:24) Weltall says: yup any? also on setting
(04:33:28) Soloyos nudges Hunaye “Help me carry this bench to the bloodstone hall”
(04:33:58) Weltall says: nope πŸ˜›
(04:34:08) Mordaan says: I suppose I have one I could ask, but not sure it could be answered here…
(04:34:11) Soloyos’s eyes shift
(04:34:31) Mordaan says: Any updates on where the Amdeneir project stands?
(04:34:42) Mordaan says: In terms of the rest of the city?
(04:34:49) Weltall says: right now the guildhouse map is being developed
(04:35:00) Mordaan says: How close that might be and what there is left to do?
(04:35:03) Weltall says: i think that’s the only part progressing on it
(04:35:27) Weltall says: as far as i’ve seen we have just the model no textures yet and openings/normal maps
(04:35:28) Mordaan says: Oh, so Amdeneir GH’s will have their own design?
(04:35:35) Weltall says: yes
(04:35:45) Mordaan says: Interesting, thanks.
(04:36:00) Zarre says: Are we any closer to having Alchemy implemented ingame?
(04:36:01) Niarwym says: :)
(04:36:15) Niarwym says: Thatd be great
(04:36:25) Zarre says: Welcome back to you too, Katu.
(04:36:37) Katu says: Thank you Zarre
(04:37:14) Weltall says: no. the rules devs are in vacation and they are still working on the npc movements. as for the crafting being done i’ve seen skunkwork people have done some updates to their documents so leatherworking should have proceeded
(04:37:38) Zarre says: Alright. Thanks.
(04:40:08) Weltall says: anything else?
(04:40:19) Soloyos shakes his head
(04:40:36) Mordaan says: Who are the rules devs, anyway? Stelanso and? …
(04:40:42) Griselda sighs and shakes her head
(04:40:48) Mordaan says: if that is to be public that is.
(04:41:07) Weltall says: i know only of him myself
(04:41:17) Mordaan says: heh, ok.
(04:41:36) Weltall says: prolly he has some prospects but i don’t know precisely i’ve been too busy this year to follow others :)
(04:41:50) Griselda says: I have one
(04:42:29) Griselda says: How about we have a festival, once a “cycle”. The whole of Yliakum…. comparable to christmas or such festivals in RL
(04:43:02) Weltall says: there are several.
(04:43:03) Fuusan says: \o/
(04:43:10) Katu says: There are already several annual festivals in the events calendar.
(04:43:10) Weltall says: check the events page of the main site
(04:43:32) Griselda says: I understand that… but one universal festival…
(04:43:42) Weltall says: universal?
(04:43:45) Niarwym says: :)
(04:44:01) Griselda says: of all religions and races of Yliakum
(04:44:06) Niarwym says: Something that we all celebrate?
(04:44:11) Niarwym says: Sounds nice
(04:44:13) Soloyos says: On one day a year
(04:44:15) Weltall says: unodin for example
(04:44:16) Griselda says: something epic
(04:44:23) Niarwym says: Something to unite us all and what not
(04:44:29) Sarva says: IN the past we have had the Unidon festival which was a player run festival. The last one covered a couple of days and had something in every sity.
(04:44:30) Niarwym says: :3
(04:44:41) Niarwym says: Nice
(04:44:41) Katu nods at Weltall “Like Unodin”
(04:44:55) Niarwym nods at the idea.
(04:45:08) Niarwym says: Id love that. Festivals are great.
(04:45:19) Mordaan says: The trouble with player run festivals is you need the same players to stick around and run them each year (or period).
(04:45:19) Griselda agrees
(04:45:31) Mordaan says: Or at least someone to pick it up.
(04:45:40) Griselda says: That’s true
(04:46:11) Mordaan says: But yeah, we could use some mass celebrations one way or another. :)
(04:46:17) Sarva says: NOt really people who have the primary role of doing a festival this year can train people to do it next year.
(04:46:58) Griselda says: A festival so ingrained in culture that on that day, everyone greets everyone, no matter a stranger or a guild member or a friend
(04:47:13) Soloyos says: Day of Hello’s
(04:47:25) Fuusan says: All hello’s eve!
(04:47:30) Mordaan says: Best way is to start a forum thread…get something started.
(04:47:47) Griselda says: Hmm…
(04:47:53) Mordaan says: And HOPE there’s enough interest.
(04:48:01) Griselda giggles
(04:48:11) Keella patiently waits since there is no line
(04:48:19) Niarwym says: I vote for more events to RP with, period. Be they run every year or just once.
(04:48:41) Soloyos says: [ afk ]
(04:48:43) Weltall says: well that’s surely something anyone wants
(04:48:51) Fuusan says: \o/
(04:49:19) Griselda says: do we have a valentine’s day- like festival already? (sorry for the ignorance)
(04:49:32) Niarwym says: But, indeed, Griseldas idea is great. Thats the kind of spirit Id love to be a participant of.
(04:49:47) Griselda smiles
(04:49:47) Weltall says: sometimes the rcd does some singles nights
(04:50:01) Weltall says: could check if there is interest and bring it up again
(04:50:01) Niarwym says: :3
(04:50:09) Griselda says: singles nights?
(04:50:15) Niarwym says: Hehe
(04:50:21) Niarwym says: like group dating?
(04:50:21) Niarwym says: hehe
(04:48:37) Weltall says: nope like finding your other half XD
(04:48:40) Griselda says: how about something so entrenched in history… like a day where it is lucky to fall in love because some old saint or whatever fell inlove that day or love saved yliakum tht day or something… you know? good rp!
(04:48:53) Fuusan looks at Keella
(04:48:58) Niarwym says: Thatd be pretty
(04:49:03) Weltall says: that’s up to setting and gms i assume *nudges katu
(04:49:05) Zarre wonders what Keella’s question is
(04:49:11) Katu says: The event ideas are noted, and for sure I will work towards more events, both small and big..
(04:49:11) Niarwym says: *sudden girly thinking*
(04:49:25) Griselda laughs
(04:49:28) Niarwym says: We should make up our urban legends too
(04:49:30) Griselda says: just an idea…
(04:49:34) Fuusan says: The day Talad asked Laanx to be one again and Laanx saying “No, look what you did to my face! D:<”
(04:49:35) Niarwym says: those can be the source for celebrations like these
(04:49:42) Griselda says: yes lots of them
(04:50:03) Beregip says: agreed
(04:50:04) Mordaan says: Settings has one particular series of events idea, but it will take some time and organization to get it going properly.
(04:50:22) Katu nods at Mordaan
(04:50:26) Mordaan says: But it’s there at least. Soon (TM). πŸ˜€
(04:50:41) Zarre says: :-)
(04:50:42) Niarwym says: Yups.
(04:50:43) Katu says: We are planning a long series during the coming winter.
(04:50:46) Niarwym says: A good start.
(04:50:50) Niarwym says: Nice!
(04:50:54) Fuusan looks at Keella
(04:51:00) Weltall says: ah as for a news
(04:51:06) Weltall says: katu is now a setting developer
(04:51:16) Griselda claps and cheers
(04:51:19) Fuusan says: \o/
(04:51:19) Katu smiles
(04:51:23) Zarre cheers too
(04:51:26) Mordaan says: Yes, congrats again Katu!
(04:51:32) Niarwym says: πŸ˜€
(04:51:43) Katu bows “all for you all”
(04:52:00) Keella claps
(04:52:06) Fuusan says: o.O
(04:52:15) Griselda says: lol
(04:52:20) Zarre says: Maybe someone could offer Lady Keella a chair?
(04:52:23) Katu says: So Keella… What are your questions?
(04:52:25) Mordaan says: And *cough* we could always use more settings prospect to help move some of this stuff along.
(04:52:32) Keella says: ahh yes…
(04:52:49) Keella says: How hard is to rearange furniture? And who does it?
(04:52:51) Niarwym says: If only I had more time
(04:52:53) Niarwym says: Heh
(04:53:03) Niarwym says: I like world building
(04:53:33) Niarwym quieta down.
(04:53:55) Keella grins at Zarre
(04:53:55) Weltall says: depends
(04:54:05) Griselda says: Is it okay if i leave?
(04:54:09) Weltall says: if it’s game setting forniture
(04:54:20) Weltall says: it has to be set through me from another server
(04:54:23) Keella says: like move some chairs? or an anvil?
(04:54:42) Weltall says: if it’s event fornitures or osp fornitures any gm with enough access or any dev
(04:54:46) Keella says: yes, game settings
(04:55:03) Weltall says: by game settings i mean things in ezpcusa and zeroping
(04:55:15) Keella says: yes, that is what I ment
(04:55:36) Keella says: like the chairs around the tables we’d like to sit on…
(04:55:45) Weltall says: then if it’s changes they have to be done on my server exported and loaded on all servers
(04:55:59) Keella says: …or the anvil at Harns ppl jump over cos there is no room to walk around
(04:56:00) Weltall says: if it’s additions it’s more complex but the process is similar
(04:56:11) Weltall says: that’s not an item
(04:56:14) Weltall says: it’s part of the map itself
(04:56:31) Weltall says: it’s art work there
(04:56:32) Niarwym says: I sometimes wish we could interact more with them
(04:56:37) Niarwym says: furniture and other map items
(04:56:44) Keella says: ahh
(04:56:49) Niarwym thinks Morrowind style, but that is too much.
(04:56:49) Spafix says: Perhaps you should look into a map format based around a db table
(04:57:37) Weltall says: it’s xml but someone has to actually move the item and relight the map
(04:57:46) Keella says: GUess it’s a no than.
(04:57:50) Niarwym says: Oh, XML
(04:58:29) Weltall says: and you don’t want a dynamically lighted map i assure you cs is too slow to handle them
(04:58:46) Keella says: Thanks, I got my answer.
(04:59:03) Spafix says: XML may be easy to read programmaticly, but harder to write
(04:59:06) Weltall says: open a bug under art maps on the bugtracker
(04:59:26) Weltall says: well people don’t write it πŸ˜› they use exporters from blender or 3dsmax
(04:59:33) Keella says: there is one already, or even more I think
(04:59:42) Niarwym says: usually its generated, the XML
(04:59:55) Spafix says: I’m saying for if you’d like to move something “morrowind style”
(05:00:08) Spafix says: or for a more sandbox world
(05:00:11) Niarwym says: ah, indeed. I understand its not so easy, hehe
(05:00:22) Weltall says: well then it’s like the items dropped here
(05:00:28) Spafix says: Because Masonry is one of the skills
(05:03:07) Niarwym looks around.
(05:03:31) Beregip says: camn we still ask questions?
(05:03:33) Spafix says: Would it be possible to implement a hunger system
(05:03:48) Weltall says: personally i’d prefer no
(05:03:54) Spafix says: To improve the need for food
(05:04:04) Weltall says: and the nuinseance of playing
(05:04:09) Mordaan says: Go in the line, Beregip. There might be time for one more.
(05:04:13) Spafix says: because honestly, food has become next to useless
(05:04:44) Zarre winks “You may want to try The SIMS for that aggrivation Spafix.”
(05:04:47) Mordaan says: Practially yes, but useful for RP at least.
(05:04:48) Weltall says: it increases health and stamina and it’s going to do a bit more in the future
(05:04:59) Fuusan says: I thought Perlan used a bunch of cookies at the CC instead of Health potions
(05:05:28) Spafix says: When and if Alchemy is implemented cooking and baking will become useless agian though
(05:05:52) Beregip says: on the subject of food and this has probbly been said before, but can water,eggs,salt and flour be a harvestable resourse?
(05:05:53) Soloyos says: [ back ]
(05:06:13) Spafix says: Alchemy will most likely also produce potions that give you temporary buffs, and heal not only health and stam but also Mana
(05:06:43) Katu says: it might be in the future Beregip ..
(05:06:45) Spafix says: Besides, if the game is going to be realistic, all living things have to eat
(05:06:52) Weltall says: could be but it’s up to rules/settings to make it so
(05:07:27) Beregip says: ok thank you Katu
(05:07:35) Weltall says: there is a limit between realism and being able to enjoy a game for me a nuiseance like finding my char in the dr because it didn’t eat each hour goes over it
(05:07:55) Spafix says: Another successful MMO has implemented such a system
(05:07:56) Weltall says: maximum would be some boost gathered from it but not hunger
(05:08:09) Fuusan says: Well, it doesn’t have to kill you.
(05:08:27) Weltall says: good i usually delete games with such a system from my pc :)
(05:08:27) Niarwym says: Maybe just weaken you
(05:08:34) Fuusan says: It could provide an endurance malus- exactly
(05:08:37) Spafix says: Its not a nuiseances, you just pick up an apple and eat it, and you have more energy to do things
(05:08:37) Niarwym says: and it doesnt have to be as frecuent as an hour
(05:08:40) Niarwym says: days, even
(05:09:13) Spafix says: I was thinking something like this
(05:09:37) Spafix says: When you run out of energy you have to eat otherwise you cannot craft or fight
(05:09:55) Niarwym says: Some its similar to dakkrus curse?
(05:09:59) Spafix says: or when you log off your bar slowly refills
(05:10:06) Weltall says: i’d prefer something like if you eat you get a boost for x time
(05:10:28) Niarwym says: That could also work, I guess
(05:10:43) Beregip says: yeah i would preffer the boost idea more
(05:10:57) Spafix says: I don’ t know but being a cook really sucks, there is no economy, and no chance to make money
(05:11:24) Weltall says: there would be none either
(05:11:31) Weltall says: people would buy food from an npc
(05:11:47) Spafix says: so you’re not going to provide a player economy?
(05:11:48) Weltall says: so there is no real change over the status quo by adding the nuinseance
(05:11:55) Fuusan thinks
(05:12:07) Fuusan says: A novel experience, to be sure.
(05:12:37) Mordaan says: It’s like anything, you can buy something, but it becomes an advantage when you can make/craft those same things yourself.
(05:12:43) Spafix says: well think of it this way, an apple is 50q, so is npc food, a players food can get to 300q, so you can get 50 energy back or 300 energy back
(05:12:46) Weltall says: a player economy needs players to fuel it too
(05:13:10) Weltall says: well it’s what you’ve now
(05:13:24) Spafix says: yeah but it heals you
(05:13:38) Spafix says: why would you by food when you can heal yourself for free with CW
(05:13:55) Spafix says: magic completely replaces any need for food
(05:13:58) Niarwym says: so true
(05:13:58) Weltall says: cw is slower
(05:14:07) Spafix says: still, no one buys it
(05:14:10) Weltall says: it requires mana and it’s limited
(05:14:15) Sarva says: You can eat food and get the advantages of it while you are running, can’t do that with magic.
(05:14:18) Fuusan says: Mana recharges.
(05:14:24) Weltall says: slowly
(05:14:26) Niarwym says: and i plan to learn cooking, so thisd motivate me further
(05:14:30) Spafix says: everyone has a sleep glyph
(05:14:35) Weltall says: and you can’t heal endurance
(05:14:44) Fuusan says: There is a spell
(05:14:48) Fuusan says: I think it’s called recovery?
(05:14:54) Weltall says: it takes mana
(05:15:00) Sarva says: Evuntually when the engin supports it you will not be able to move during relaxing sleep I believe.
(05:15:00) Soloyos says: Not much though
(05:15:06) Weltall says: and i think health too iirc
(05:15:10) Spafix says: Most who go down the cooking path as there primary path, leave the game
(05:15:25) Weltall says: yes the movement will be locked with relaxing sleep in future
(05:15:25) Fuusan says: Fair enough, Sarva. It seems a bit unbalanced atm
(05:15:28) Weltall says: it’s actually a fix
(05:15:36) Weltall says: bug*
(05:15:50) Spafix says: I assure you, people will still not buy food
(05:16:19) Weltall says: gathering a nuinseance to make people buy food doesn’t look like a good plan to me
(05:16:28) Weltall says: they will just learn to craft food for their own use
(05:16:40) Spafix says: I don’t meant to be rude, but there needs to be some kind of change, whether it be a hunger system of a buff system
(05:17:00) Weltall says: the buff system was already talked about some meetings ago
(05:17:03) Beregip says: why not just make npc;s sell only ingridents, so the player has to combine them to get a food item
(05:17:04) Weltall says: and it’s due to be done
(05:17:10) Spafix says: then implement a system of limits, realisticly you cannot be a professional in everything
(05:17:24) Niarwym says: I mean, shouldnt food be a LOT more important?
(05:17:27) Weltall says: you don’t need to be a professional to cook some eggs πŸ˜€
(05:17:32) Niarwym says: in the real world, food is essential
(05:17:44) Spafix says: no but you need to be a pro to make high q food
(05:18:03) Katu’s stomach rumbles from all the food talk.
(05:18:07) Weltall says: but to resolve the nuinseance you are asking to bring you don’t need high quality
(05:18:21) Weltall says: just eat 2 instead of 1 and you are done
(05:18:25) Niarwym says: its one of those professions that never die out because of their importance, even from ancient times. I think that giving food more importance here will only add to the realism
(05:18:32) Niarwym says: FFXI makes good use of food, for instance
(05:18:33) Niarwym says: as buffs
(05:18:47) Weltall says: (even though there is also a setting issue high quality food in real life usually means that there is a caroot and you end eating with more hunger than when you started)
(05:19:41) Sarva says: Remember weltall said ther eis going to be something more with food that is coming so maybe wait and see what the Devs have in store that is coming.
(05:19:55) Spafix says: have you ever eaten at a high end italian bistro?
(05:19:56) Weltall says: buffs is the only way
(05:19:59) Spafix says: :p
(05:20:02) Niarwym says: Yes, sure thing
(05:20:03) Spafix says: 4 courses man
(05:20:08) Niarwym says: Even if as buffs
(05:20:15) Weltall says: a bit difficult to find an “italian” bistro in italy
(05:20:21) Spafix says: at least implement a buff on it
(05:20:21) Weltall says: they are all italian restaurant
(05:20:29) Spafix says: psh
(05:20:46) Niarwym says: Ill definitley go with cooking, but Ill do other things, just in case.
(05:20:55) Weltall says: the buff is planned
(05:21:20) Weltall says: again that’s too in the back of the rules devs even though talad was woking on it too
(05:22:34) Spafix says: Also, when will Klyros be able to fly?
(05:22:56) Weltall says: when someone codes it. i’d love to but i’m full of things to do 😐
(05:22:57) Mordaan says: That was attempted once…it didn’t go well. πŸ˜€
(05:23:07) Weltall says: sure it was allowed to all
(05:23:14) Weltall says: i’d want to poke a lot who did that mes
(05:23:15) Weltall says: XD
(05:23:32) Spafix says: I think flying should just take alot of stamina
(05:23:36) Mordaan says: Yes, we were all flying around. :)
(05:23:48) Mordaan says: More like long jumping.
(05:23:50) Spafix says: so you can’t fly ridiculously long
(05:24:14) Weltall says: yes exactly
(05:24:20) Spafix says: thing is the game models aren’t made for that, you’d be able to fly to places you shouldn’t go
(05:24:26) Weltall says: gliding low stamina use, fly extreme stamina use
(05:24:31) Weltall says: out of stamina = free fall
(05:24:31) Spafix says: like the exit to the Laanx dungeo
(05:24:57) Spafix says: everyone would be klyros…
(05:25:16) Spafix says: maybe enki should have a race ability to claw wholes in furniture xD
(05:25:23) Spafix says: holes*
(05:25:32) Weltall says: better to keep them away from forniture πŸ˜›
(05:25:36) Weltall says: but you’ve claws too πŸ˜›
(05:25:51) Spafix says: but I’m not a cat
(05:26:19) Soloyos says: dogs have claws…not just cats
(05:26:43) Spafix says: but dogs don’t claw holes they chew on shoes
(05:26:50) Soloyos says: True
(05:27:23) Niarwym says: Hehe
(05:27:41) Niarwym says: I wish I could grow my crops. :(
(05:28:15) Mordaan says: Farming…
(05:28:23) Mordaan says: That’s off in the distance too.
(05:28:27) Mordaan says: Some day..
(05:28:42) Weltall says: if there is nothing else i think we could end up for today. the wednesday one will still be there with just talad probably
(05:29:39) Niarwym says: If so
(05:29:51) Niarwym says: thanks a lot for respoinding to our questions.
(05:29:58) Niarwym says: responding*
(05:30:02) Niarwym says: :)
(05:30:06) Mordaan says: Yes, thanks for having these.
(05:30:12) Katu smiles
(05:30:13) Weltall says: np thanks to you for attending
(05:30:28) Niarwym bows respectfully before Weltall.
(05:30:31) Mordaan says: Always nice for players to have a chance and be clued in to what’s going on.
(05:30:44) Katu says: tanks you for now. see you all next time.
(05:30:49) Katu says: [afk]
(05:31:19) Weltall says: see you bye
(05:31:34) Soloyos grabs a bench leg and starts to pull
(05:31:41) Niarwym says: See you, everyone.
(05:33:21) Keella waves goodby

Aug 102011

So I finally got to download and try to build this new version of linux after it’s merge window.

Unfortunately it didn’t go so well as in the previous rc1 (even though it’s something to be expected at this stage anyway so no blame for anyone here)

It looks like the ecryptfs has probably some dependency issues so it will fail linking due to a missing function in case it’s builtin in the kernel (I assume it happens because the encryption api where built as modules). A quick way to solve the issue is just setting the ecryptfs to be built as module too: in this way it’s possible to get a fully working kernel.

This time around it seems not only the vmware modules got broken (looks like only vmnet is broken – the rest is working), as it was already reported in the comments in the other post, but also virtualbox fails building (asm/amd_iommu.h missing).

UPDATE: Looks like Virtualbox got already fixed in the trunk repository.Β  In order to fix it by yourself you just need to open this file /usr/share/virtualbox/src/vboxhost/vboxpci/linux/VBoxPci-linux.c search for #include <asm/amd_iommu.h> and replace it with this piece of code (coming from the repository linked above)

# include <asm/amd_iommu.h>
# include <linux/amd-iommu.h>